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Sunday, August 07, 2005

kuch zayada hoga?!

I guess by now, You must have known that my birthday is coming on the 13th of this month. And I have discovered this feature for all those nice people who are planning to get a gift for me and are pretty confused.. so 'the kind me' has decided to make things easy for you.

Seeking the ultimate birthday gift for a Leo? If you can wrap up fame or tie a bow around the spotlight, you're set! Since fame's not really for sale, this Fire Sign will accept a big, boisterous surprise party at which they get to be the absolute center of attention. Leo may be grand, but this Sign is actually easy to please -- as long as it's the object of everyone's affection!

Perfect Gift: Leo can be vain, so a gift that reflects that dramatic personality and stunning physical beauty goes over best: Try jewelry, clothes or tickets to the theatre.

What does a Leo wish for as the candles are blown out?
An Academy Award

PS: BTW don't be happiee that soon, this is not-at-all my last pre-birthday post - only if my life is still alive and my net too.

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