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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blindfolds removed

At this time, I was supposed to be in school, studying accounting. Instead I am writing a post at home-pc because of unstable/unpredictable law and order conditions of Karachi, the post about an issue which has erupted lava in me of both sadness and anger; a powerful combination. A bomb blasted at Imam Bari’s shrine in Islamabad on Friday, 27th May 2005 – mass loss as festival was going on, what followed next was a suicidal bomb blast in a mosque in Karachi yesterday - around 40 people -and their family- got effected or maybe more than that(either passed away or injured).

Do humans still exist? Is it sane to kill hundreds of innocent people on the fabricated name of religion? Is extremism required to fulfill selfish desires? We call ourselves Pakistanis, We call ourselves Muslims; what a pity! Above all the nationalities is the crown of Humanity. It is not an issue that a person comes in a mosque or say any religious place to do such felonious evil act. The issue is the motive behind it, insensitive measure of selfishness, hatred or whateva you name it, can never be tolerated irregardless of the place chosen. Muslim(fake) killing anohter muslim and without any reason, What a shame! And if they count it as a reason, it can’t be justified. Some call it Jihad and link it with Shahadat. Even when somebody gets killed, he is shaheed. Who the hell are we to decide anything on this topic? God will decide this himself. It’s beyond my understanding that how can a person kill himself in the first place to destroy others. Didn’t he get any shivers while thinking about his after-life, his family, after-effects on families of the effected?

I say it openly without any hesitation that it is a result of our thick skinned so-called religious leaders who have never used their minds to interpret Islam in the way it should have been illuminated; all we have learned is blindness and division. And we the emotional fools who have always ignored Allah’s precious gift Intellect. When such tragedies happen, we come out and protest. Protesting is your right but it’s not your property. You can’t go on destroying public and private assets such as banks, hospitals, restaurants, buses, cars and what not and primarily lives of more innocent people. It is not a correct way of showing your anger and also of playing political warfare. Have we ever thought why it is only KFC or Aga Khan Laboratory was fired in such brutal way? We ourselves are big racists. What follows after such attacks increases the unnecessary terror among the citizens of the state. Believe me terror of protests is much bigger than the bombs itself. If you have guts than don’t just yell and protest, kill those who have planned it, kill those who have corrupted this society. I don’t want to draw any conclusions because this post itself is a conclusion. All this reminds me of IRTIQA:

yeh zameen meri maa thi woh,
khuda ka wajood mabood thi woh,
saaya thi roshini bhi thi woh,
kadam taley jannat meri agosh thi woh.
-Agosh, Ep

Remember the emphasis is in on THI. Being patriotic doesn’t mean that you have to praise your country time and again. Our country is a reflection of what we are. Blindfolds removed and Heewa God has already answered your questions but we(individually and collectively) haven’t pondered over them.

Dedicated to all those who suffered and all those who helped.

-Raheel, proud to be human or maybe its just opposite. Does this make any sense? It surely does.

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accounting misery

I have so less time and a big assignment to do. I have to write summaries of 2 chapters, have to make 4 income statements and 8 balance sheets. Isn't it a bulky home work? plus I hate drawing lines on paper, inshort I am doomed(angry grace on raheel’s big face). I am feeling sleepy, guilty, dull and sad. Today was not a good day... worse than the worst. My school admin doesn't know its responsibilities. None of them, yes all 4 of 'em can't even tell me the correct procedure for submission of registration fees, aik to chori upper se seena zori as they insulted me like hell. I don't wanna go school 2morrow, just want to sleep... this boy needs more n more sleep. Whether I am at school or at home, I am constantly playing with numbers. I am bored with 1-debit-2-3-credit-4-$-balance-thingy! Is it really a truth or just a matter of bad time? God help me! I am feeling LOW... very LOW... LOWER than ever. I want to cry badly for atleast an hour but I am rigid, I can't be weak, tears usually don't tapak-tapak so easily. I am feeling thousand emotions simultaneously.

PS: for all of those who are thinking why the hell an-about-to-be-19-yrs-old-guy is still in school? I am acquiring professional education, they can’t be universities – I am missing uni life; in order to gain some, you lose some.

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Monday, May 30, 2005


slept at 2:30 am

woke up at 5:00 am

slept at 7:00 pm

woke up at 9:30 pm

i am still sleepy

.. but I don't know when will I sleep again?

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Sunday, May 29, 2005


It is our natural state to feel happy and peaceful until we disturb it. In this secularization of life, we are lost in an artificial world of selfishness, hatred and worries. We are born in a balance form and are supposed to stay like that. Material benefits and standard of living can't be ignored but should not affect your spirituality as well. As most of us believe that rules are meant to be broken, we don't only believe it but also apply it, result is a distortion of your own being. Distortion of a person into a stranger who ain't have any voice, by chance if he has one he was never heard.

Meditation is only way to get reconnected with that hidden entity, your true self. It has its place in almost all the religions, concerntrating over any spiritually healing word and focusing over the essence of your existence and your awareness gives you inner sense of well-being. Most thoughful and insightful words in Islam include Ya Allah, Ya Muhammad, Amen. I have been practicing this for quite a long time and believe me I enjoy nothingness; happiness, power and wisdom that you gain from it is incomparable. It is self satisfying, rewarding and soothing. It is an experience above all, an experience of eternal happiness. Self submission and gratitude towards God is also a key element in this practice. Do take some time out for your own self in order to have peace of mind, body and soul. And always remember HE is always with you and HIS love for you is far much bigger than yours for HIM.

For those who are heading nowhere in life: OPRAH... its for beginners. I don't find it interesting because it doesn't discover the broad horizons of spirituality through religion but it may help you.

"Peopke who are often in a hurry imagine they are energetic, when in most cases they are simply inefficient." -Sydney J. Harris

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

mislayed in a dream

While taking my afternoon nap, I dreamt and I enjoyed. I saw myself living a carefree life, carefree than today and every predicted-expected-type day. No worries, only mauj-tafree.. i-dont-care attitude lingering with my skin. A day spent by sitting at footpath outside the corner-shop and having a useless-slang-conversation with some debauched friends. A day which is perfect for a loser who has no ambition in life. He lives for the futile present.. whose journey is wasted in wandering nowhere. And when I opened my eyes from state of oblivion, I realized how lucky I am! without purpose, you lose desire and when you lose desire, you lose your own inner self.

There is so much to say, plenty to write on bloggerspace and so less time in hand.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

a needy post

Jami is the only pakistani video director whose work inspires me alot. It is nice to see a director making a sensible music video of an average 4 min length and who gives you room to understand it and perceive it in your own unique way. Abstart conceptual feel to his videos forces you to see the video again and again and enjoy it because everytime your eyes see that brilliant piece of art, they identify new things in it. New dimensions emerge and illuminate the digital canvas making it a soothing experience for your inner self due to growth of your intellectual capacity and asthetics.

The latest video "DEEWANA" of Ali Azmat directed by Jami which started airing sometime back on local channels setted a routine for me, routine of seeing the video all over again from different angles to comprehend and grasp the concept. It was too-much-abstract-and-confusing which made it difficult for my mind to digest the idea. And then, a light emerged and I read an interview of Jami conducted by Insiya Syed where he explained the concept of the video. This video of Jami should have been more flexible so the viewer can be au fait with the whole idea -that he wanted to project- in lesser amount of time. Jami is the person who always tries to experiment and sets new standards of digital art in Pakistani Media. Unfortunately, people still look at videos in a conventional manner. In addition to that, directors-from-nowhere come and continue to make lousy videos - the tribute to sick tradition. We need more people like Jami. Saquib Malik and Umar Anwar are the only creative men who can give him a tough competition.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


After sleepy nights, lethargic body with aches, exaggerated doses of bitter medication and anti-biotics, absurd feeling in the stomach and side-pains, doctor's advice rather harsh scoldings, no-drinks, no-spicy-food, no-thanda-water, no-ketchup, noisy streets, useless cheap net, lots-of-undone-homework, new-alwarid-connection, formatted-clean-pc, rainbow-market-attacks, photograghy and-all-that-was-left-unsaid.. I M BACK!!!

Thanks to those nice bloggy people who cared to visit my blog even when I wasn't updating and keep doing that! =P

Quote of the day:
"President Pervaiz Mussharaf is an ancestor and a very ghraaate(Gr8) leader"
Any Guesses?.. ofcourse she is none other than our own stupid ambassador of Peace
---Meera, I know she will later sue me! :lol:

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tribute to My School Principal

My school principal was the best thing that ever happened to my ma'm. Ohh don't take it wrong. The thing is: this man hasn't ever bothered to see what is happening around the school so Ma'm had THE actual bossy authority. He used to come once in a blue moon in the school, aur woh bhi late duh!! He was extremely miser and selfish.
Mr.-idontrememberhisnamebecausehewasnotworthit- had a bad-est share of memory, he couldn't even remember the names of position holders(..and I felt so bad). Whenever he addressed his speech in the assembly, it was so muchos wali long speech that students collapsed one after another and after such 3-4 crashes of dizziness, he would sense a wake-up call of wrapping up his speech. The only nice thing that I remember about my school is LEARNING. Btw I sometimes wonder that why I always played cheapsters LEAD roles in my school plays, may it be a beggar, a servant or micheal jackson(with loads of makeup) :lol: Those were my sixty seconds of claim to fame(maybe more than that because I was damn popular man =P)

PS: Sometimes it is very important to write a bad post, reason??? its a secret.

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pretty angry and frustrated

It took me damn 3 hours to publish this post. My net needs a quick rehab.. it is insane which makes me insane, the reason because of which I was not posting for 2 days(i missed it so much). One more post is already on draft but arrrgh!! Will post it tomorrow :@

Take the quiz: "Which Cartoon Character Are You?"

Bugs Bunny
Your a Crowd Favorite and You Like The Crowd Too.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Have you ever?

  • Have you ever slept in an over crowded bed? -no^comments
  • Have you ever seen a guy wearing a shirt saying "Dil Dil Pakistan, Jan Jan Pakistan, I love you Pakistan" accompaning some prints of violons? -cheap patroitism
  • Have you ever slapped anyone? -wat guts man!
  • Have you ever allowed a cockroach to climb your hand? -tickly fun
  • Have you ever experienced a big accident and was not hurted? -allah ka shukar
  • Have you ever yelled and then cried? -insane
  • Have you ever danced on a sad tune? -simon calls it original!
  • Have you ever vomitted in the class? -i was so embarrased
  • Have you ever been pasao-fied in an affair by some lousy boys when you were only in Class 2? -i was horrified
  • Have you ever had a kharoos kanjoos principal? -wateva!
  • Have you ever had a fight with your non-tolerable islamiat teacher? -can't resist it
  • Have you ever said to your teacher: Aye Taklu? -guilty pleasure, not-morally-right
  • Have you ever seen two ninja ladies fighting? -that was fun
  • Have you danced on Macrena with bunch of 100 people? -really??

.... man, I have experienced it all - many are still left.

Quote of the day:
"Do not be merciful, but be just, for mercy is bestowed upon the guilty criminal, while justice is all that an innocent man requires." - Kahlil Gibran

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

foody thought

it is 11:59 pm and I want to eat chamochas (s-a-m-o-s-a-s potatoes wale). I just craving for it, can't control my temptation. And for the first time in history koffee has made me sad.

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title can't do any justice

Why is it so hard to say goodbye? This is the question I usually ask to myself and sadly never get to conclusions. Maybe because of the fear that we won't be meeting those precious ones again or we just don't want to end the flow of joyous air. Thats not a big issue for me waving tatas to someone at airport and I don't feel like expressing anything because mostly at that time I am just BLANK. However saying goodbye to any loved one who is no more with me(physically or emotionally) is like burning my soul under the flame of mournful candle. I have experienced this before and till date I am under the prey of this emotion. Fears have taken charge of my mind and body. Now some of my neurons have stopped working, my body have felt shivers since that day. I have lost many people in my life, one by one they have walken away to far countries, some from my life and few even from the surface of the earth. But when you realise that someone above you is still there to soothe those hurting wounds, the intensity starts to decrease. You also start realizing that your relation with HIM is above all. God knows what I am asking from HIM and HE surely knows that I will pray him about this every single day. I know HE is listening and HE will answer my prayers in the most positive way.

Dear God,
Thank you for everything, every opportunity, every problem - thankyou for every lesson. I know every person has to go through his share of happiness and sorrows but if you are there with me.. and I know you certainly are, sunshine is still there; in nights too.. maybe in opposite direction which can create an illusion for my naked eyes, making it difficult to sense for some time but I know sunshine is always there.. afterall it is always there and God, I also know one of your secrets.. you can't see your creature in misery naa. Your love for me and my love for you is above all.

With gratitude and submission,
Raheel Lakhani

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Music Madness

  • Saquib Malik is the man, watched the latest video of Ali Azmat directed by him, loved it.. I was just speechless - no crap, no nonsense, only original and refreshing, brilliant concept and execution. He has done wonders, I always like some abstract work. It gives you space to think. The video may look controversial but I hope it doesn't get banned like his previous video Behti Naar.
  • After long time, I browsed folders on my computers and I found a folder named IRTIQA. Now I am again addicted to it like hell. Love [eP].. some real nice work, something which doesn't lack any soul.
  • September by Earth, wind and fire... the ultimate dance track for me... yipppeee yaay!!
  • Gwen Stefani's Love Angel Music Baby has the most appropriate title. The harajuku thingy is growing on me like anything. I am just loving it, cheering it and dancing on it.

no bold keywords:
  • Noori should change their band name into LITTER. New song is a paindoo stupid idiotic song - totally rubbish.
  • I hate Goher's vocal and he forces me to hate Jal too.
  • Jawad Ahmed and Jawad Bashir - a big disgrace for Pakistani Music Entity. Former one has some ridiculous punjabi songs in his kitty, the other has constantly proved himself as a big LOSER. Parents beware!! Don't name ur child as JAWAD until and unless you want him to have SHAME has his nickname.
  • Tulsi songs are like Mujras on TV. Who the hell wants to see and listen such crap? After seeing them, no one will even buy a single cheap packet of Tulsi. So cheap!! Raheel makes a mad face.

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horror scope

My horoscope says:

"The stars have big plans for you. So get out your fanciest charms and prepare to dazzle."

I have dazzled greatly today... but only in dreams during the relaxing sleep :lol:

Horror scope courtesy: Mobil-no-link

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

say paneer

Image hosted by

from left: Afzal, Umer and ME!

This pic is one of favorites. Thankoo Saebz for taking such a nice pic of some great ppl :P Sort of Dil Chahta Hai type pics. yaa toh yeh dosti badi gehri hai ya phir yeh pic 3D hai(either this is a deep friendship or else the pic is 3D) :lol: I choose the former option. Everything is so nice about this pic except that ketchup bottle. I lurrrvve my smile in this pic(a rare thing).

I have noticed that all of my AKHSS wali pics have always turned out to be the great ones, especially the ones with umer - my best friend. AKHSS aur hamari baat hi nirali hai, btw we are THE nicest people living(pretending to live) on this wild earth. I think zayada hogaya; now I am blushing!

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Friday, May 13, 2005

I got some good news.. not confirmed yet. I hope everything works out nicely.. till then buddy I am waiting for you.

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jab mein khush tha, when I was happy.

finally my net connection has recovered from illness and this is the post which i wanted to blog yesterday but 'dair aahey, durust aahey'

12 may 2005
Nice day, class ended at the exact time(what an unusual thing).. met some of my friends in school whom I was missing the day before. We talked, chit chat-ed, gossiped for about 2.5 hours and we didn't even realized that a camera was recording us from behind, no problem for us, the bindaas people. We also realized that we had never stepped out of the school web(first school, then high school and then proffessional school). We discussed our problems, insight on text messages, who is dating whom, our hidden desires; shared our secrets, our frustation, our teachers and all those AKHSS memories(precis of a 2.5 hour conversation). When you are with your best-est friends, you feel like dancing in a paradise where there are only cherished moments and no worries. I also made some new friends in the class. Now the void feeling is erasing, making place for some new exciting thoughts. Thanks God for such a nice day, nice family and friends, nice opportunities and Thank you for protecting me from those mobile snatchers. My friend once said to me that it is really a frightening experience and I said whats the big deal. Jab khud per parti hai toh hi pata chalta hai dear... I was damn scared and MY MOBILE IS SAFE.

woh lamhey woh yaadein
koi na jane thi kaisi baatein
woh barsatein
woh bheegi bheegi yaadein.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Agony Part II

Class is at the top floor... oh no! Staircase problem yet again(if you don't know about it read the previous post).. uff I guess its not only me who has the issue, more than half of the students in the campus are suffering. And duh!!! Split is not working, its so hot pretty days and you are telling us that Split ain't working, we sweating in the heat, not a good idea. There is a student in our class who has hearing and speaking disabiltiy and the rest of the boys make fun of him. So bad, cruel cold human beings and that guy is so nice, he always smiles back, that smile surely has a deep ache under its layers. I hope one day those stupid guys realize this and learn something from him. Our class has some really nice people too, Thank God, not TSA Molvi type double-standard people. No more staircase agony posts as there is no solution to this problem and I know I will have to walk across this kindling almost every day without complaining so no more such posts.

Btw I am aslo teaching couple of kids too in an honarary institution and one dhamki... yeh only one dhamki made that naughty child into well-behaving parhne likhne wala student. I am so happy!

But I am sad too, I am suffering from this void feeling for about 6 months. My teachers always said you won't forget these days and they were damn right! I am missing those nice enjoyable days and the bestest of friends that I have ever had. I am trying to get some professional qualification; I am missing university life, a nice schedule, some of my dreams and my bestest friends. I hope we make a nice khane wala(dine-out) program but our plans never work.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Luckily Thankful

When I compare myself with the crowd surrounding me, I feel so lucky! Seriously I am thankful to my dear God, Thank you Allah miyan for everything. Don't ever leave me alone please, I know you wont.

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AlHamd Agony Review

The day started as an hectic one! I was late for the school and because of my nonsense i had to walk an extra mile(as I missed the stop) which made me tired and more late. Entered the institute, damn.. bookshop is on the top floor, i have a phobia of height but not like the institute wali height so its okay. I take my words back, it is NOT okay. But Raheel, height ain't a problem, you have never had problems with such heights.. yesh! however the problem still exists, not height but still staircase is the issue. In reality, it doesn't even deserve to be called 'Mr. STAIRCASE'(or may Ms.). It is so unsafe, small, light, heelo-joolo-type, and simply it is badly constructed. If God forbid, it collapsed.. all the ones on it, will be off it by sliding as if they are on a kid's slide in a park, hitting the ground and flying high... flying high to the heaven.

But what the hell this small person in the whole-wide-world named as Raheel can do?(yo! what a big silly question) so he climbed upstairs and checked his name in the list of students of section D.. and he was NOT on the list.. what the hell yaar!! In agony and anger, he came down(not sliding yet) and contacted admin. The not-so-good-natured receptionist said: "Koi baat nahi, aap books le lein naa. Unse kahein mujh se baat karle.(Not a big issue, take books from him. Tell him to contact me)" Now it was getting more than enuff! Raheel went upstairs AGAIN and finally had his share of both books and relief. It took him whole 5 mins to find his classroom as there is a shortage of rooms so your required room and room# always keeps on changing(if you can't get this point, just leave it).


.. i am back

and then I entered the classroom. Our Financial Accounting teacher really gives alot of attention to us, he also has good teaching skills but the problem is he is very rude, angry and kharoos. He wants us to do alot of practice so he forces us to solve same thing over and over again(ofcourse not the same exercise.. but the same topic) and his tata-bye-bye is incompleted without a home assignment. No problem sir, I am here to study. One more thing worth noticing is a girl.. yes you are reading right, a girl with shocking pink nails stared me for a long 3 hour class. For the first time in my life I was being stared by a gal(i ain't like this.. atleast not by her)

Class is over and Mom, i am coming back home. The bus in which i was travelling today was driving really fast, yes real real real wala fast fast fast fast. And did I mention the accident? it was only a minor one, can't even call it an accident in the first place as no one got hurt. It was those turning and hitting the side mirror type wala accident but it created a huge traffic jam because both the drivers were fighting on the issue(was it really a issue?). The one thing that disturbed me today was not one but two of the passengers were smoking. I just hate smokers, I have always participated in many of the prevention of drug abuse art competitions and everytime I have made my point in the most effective way, getting the winning positions but here I was feeling so helpless, I can't even stop those two citizens of Pakistan who are harming the nation in their thought-to-be-small but BIG ways.

Got back home, ate chinese food(delicious... afterall mom cooked it) and got my pending hours of sleep. Life is not that bad. I guess I should give a second thought to what I just wrote.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

now moving on....

"Primary hours of sanity"

sitting alone beside the beach
the sea was crying with me
touching my toes to soothe
the void that he can’t even see

fingertips drew my name on sand
waves erased every letter once again
raising questions upon my existence
at the edge of two worlds, water and man

climbed the rock and soul was feeling high
while the night's darkness conquered the sky
waved a blank goodbye when the sun dies
anticipation cried for a new day with deep sighs

stars stole the word 'beauty'
guiding strangers was their duty
I continued walking by the shore
left my footprints for her to follow

and that was the end of the day
unforgettable as it showed me a way
feeling the combination of grief and gay
now moving on with a divine pray

-Raheel Lakhani

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mummys Ka Aalmi Din

8th May 2005, Happy Mother's Day. Many people oppose the idea of celebrating this day only once in a year because every day should be Mother's Day, you should have love in your hearts for your mother 24/7/365 who has given you birth, who has nurtured you, who has brought you up, who has given you her unconditional love all the time irrespective of the circumstances, who has always sacrificied for you - in her big and small ways, who has protected you and your self-esteem in the moments of difficulties, who has always considered you special and the best child(if not a good human) ignoring the fact what world thinks, who always motivates you and encourages you even at your worst attempts, who guides you throughout your life.. She is not only the symbol of love but she is 'the love' herself. But kya karein... some people like me always has that invisible love hidden somwhere in their hearts but are unable to show it, so it is the day to fullfil your hidden desire of other 364 days so here is my personal message:

"Dearest Mom, Thank you so much for everything you did for me and thanks in advance for everything you will be doing ahead for me. I know I can't repay your kindness but my love is always for you. You have been the most important part of my life, you are my life, you are my best friend(umer must be feeling jealous). Mamma, you mean world to me. Mashallah se you have been the best-est of the best moms. Thank you again for always being there for me in times of my happiness, sorrows, success and failures. Thank you for motivating me to do all the outstanding things that I have done so far and encouraging me through thick and thin. Thank you for fighting for me, struggling for me, sacrificing for me but more than just for being there for me. Thanks for the trust and.. sorry for all that mistakes of giving some major heartbreaks to you, for yelling on you(only sometimes.. i always say sorry afterwards) and for tearing those 2 or maybe 3 cards - in anger - which you gave me on my birthdays and success moments(i have never dared to tear those ones that were extra special) Love ya Mom, Love ya more than anything else!"

What I hate about Mother's Day is the commercialism attached to it... chocolates, gifts and cards are perfectly alright... perhaps they are more like a need for the day but the promotions done by companies like Shield use this day as a cheap strategy. You don't have to tell mothers what to do because MOTHER ALWAYS KNOW!!

I have seen my dad crying and praising her mother and my late grandmother all the mother. My mom always greets my maternal grandmother and wishes her mother's day, even to my kindergarten school principal's mom(who has made my mom her daughter). I hope I can do much more for them when my parents need me. I know I can't repay their kindness but my love is always there.

I have seen old parents crying in old age homes when there is no one to share moments of love with them. I have seen their misery in front of my sinful eyes. How can a child to this to their most beloved relation? A lot have been said about parents and how should you behave/take care of them in their old age but now it is high time to think about this social/moral stigma of ours.

The following is the piece that I wrote on Valentine's Day:
Mother - a feminine manifestation of love. Love that is name of sacrifice for her when she doesn't eat something so her child (18 yr. old grown-up) can enjoy eating it. Love, which shapes up as hope when she wants her son to be best and succeed. Love moulds into her pride when her darling walks up to the rostrum and gets an award. Love which turns into aggression so she can fight for his son’s survival, fetching for him his well-deserved recognition. Love becomes support and guidance, ever ready to be given whether he wants it or not J. Her love can be illustrated as a hug, as a pat on her back, or may it be a compliment or simply, magical and soothing “Love”.
My mom – a part of me, she is part of my life – most appropriately – she is my life. She is so very important I live through her breaths. I am her reflection, ambition, hope and faith and she is my mirror. Her love is unconditional, priceless and precious. Thank you my dear God for giving her to me.

PS: not a coherent piece of writing but still the best because it is straight from the part which is much deeper than the bottom of my heart. Thank you to all mammas(taais/aunts) because they are like mom to me. sorrie for grammatical mistakes as I didn't have time to recheck.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

winter jaani... whr r ya?

Listening to: SEPTEMBER by Earth, Winds and Fire

Do you remember the 21st night of September
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away

Our hearts were ringing
In the key that our souls were singing.
As we danced in the night,
Remember how the stars stole the night away

Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day

My thoughts are with you
Holding hands with your heart to see you
Only blue talk and love,
Remember how we knew love was here to stay

Now December found the love that we shared in Spetember.
Only blue talk and love,
Remember the true love we shared today

Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day

Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - golden dreams were shiny days

just love this song.. everytime I listen to this oldie tune, i jump out of my seat and try my dance moves on this song... just anytime for this song!! don't get fooled by those cheap energy-drinks, they are just frauds, they don't give you any energy instead they make you feel sleepy. Try this song instead!! it is the *IT* songs, do you remember..nannanaaaa...september... wooooo!! yipppeee. Thats why i love fall and winter so much, this is my rescue song for summer.

dance, food(m&ms, donuts, creamy biscuits) and music.... life is so good. did i mention microphone?.. i shouldn't have!

tomorrow is mom's day.. just like any other day but will be filled with some more love.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Nadia Jameel roxzzz..

Mere Paas Paas, a drama serial which airs on hum tv every friday from 8:30 to 9:30. I watched a paki drama rather say any drama after a long time and I am addicted to it like hell. Nowadays we don't see much good detailed work on TV but this show really rocks. Nadia Jameel's performance is a treat to watch. She is the best female actor in Pakistan after Sania Saeed. Her acting is so real, she is also trained and the best thing is she only works in no nonsense projects, concept and creative urge is what i like about her persona. Can you believe that a lollywood cheap actor can actually act? Yes, one can.. his name in Mommy Rana. Dress Designer who is famous like anything, who restores magic in his clothes.. I am talking about Deepak Parwani has yet again restored the magic but the medium is different, man he is acting the *IT* character. Supporting cast is also very nice. Director Misbah Khalid has yet again proved herself after successful heart-throbing serial 'Laila Majnu'. Excellent screenplay, dialouges, plot and production. Title song is a sweetheart, Atif rulez!! Although the work is not like those of Mehreen Jabbar but again this style of story-telling is upto the mark of what I say *Creativity*.

Btw only 3 people online at MSN... hmm, something really unusual.

One day, inshallah i will also direct something... maybe a short film. Inshallah.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

i want to cry, i want a hug

scroching heat, dry throat, thirst, chest heavy with cough, nonsense, suffocation, no-rains, sandirt(new word for sand-n-dirt), haloscan-aint-working, headaches, bad-hair-days, void, bloggy nightmares, losers, friends-miles-away, tonsils, cuts, lonelysadness, popup-windows, missing, lost opportunities, no-nice-new-music, disappointments, tears-trapped-inside, mistakes, fears, uncertainities, lazyshowers and between all this is ME, yes only me - the little me who can't take/tolerate/bear all this. I am hating summers, the way I always did!

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wisely said

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."

"Work fascinates me. I can look at it for hours!"
(sometimes i can be damn lazy)

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
(quite true!)

"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows."
(can't deny it)

"Good Judgement comes from experience. Experiences comes from bad judgement."
(waaahhhhh waahhhhh!!!)

"A minute's success pays the failure of years. "

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Banana Twins at Bus Stop

Today was a nice day. New classes, new subjects, new teachers but no new friends. Hope will make some soon. I travelled by public transport after such a long time and duh!! I just hate it. Especially those W-21 and W-22 buses are really pathetic, ajeeb sa smelling crowd, tobbaco, pushto songs, ninjas(i hope you got it or else go and wear a shuttle cock wala burqa and see yourself in a mirror... ahaa Neeeennnja) and all other absurd things.. you name it and you will get it there. In Pakistan, every person should be a stunt man in order to travel in these *galees* buses or else you all know that 'Practice makes a person perfect' :lol: Pakistan desperately needs a quick transportation reform.

Then after having my lovely lunch made by my lovely mom, I peeled off a banana and what I see two bananas attached together in one skin and my mom exclaimed: "The Banana Twins!" and a laugh followed. Here is the picture for you but *sigh* they resting in my stomach =P

Image hosted by isn't they look cute...awww!

Hope is still there.

tata, bye! do take good care of yourself.

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The first poem that I ever wrote

While making my way through thousands of book in my old closet, i found a brown leather diary which has my first-ever collection of amateur immature poems. I have never found myself as a good poet so I always try to incorporate my poetic expressions in my prose. While flipping through its pages, memories started to crowd my mind and when I read my first-ever poem, I couldn't believe how pathetic I once wrote but Thanks Ms. Shaheen who always encouraged her students. Till date I remember, we were having class on the 1st floor of school building, it was Class 6 which was situated in centre of the web of other classes(i wanted to impress you with my excellent long-term memory), I told her that Ma'm I have written this poem and She told the class(in her unique indian accent) about how nice my poem is. She asked me to read it loud in front of whole class, I was so muchos wala happy and thrilled, in addition to all the excitement the sound of claps made my day. It was surely not a well-deserved recognition but it was the modesty of teacher's character that motivated me to write more stuff and climb the ladder of improvement.

This is the piece which i wrote,


Without Parents our life is idle and lazy,
Without Parents our life is in sorrows,
Without Parents our life is unhappy,
Parents are our care-takers.

When we are in sorrows,
They make us happy.
When we are sad,
They make us blossom.
Whenb we cry,
They make us laugh.

When we are happy,
They are happy,
When we are sad,
They are sad.
When we laugh,
They laugh,
When we cry,
They cry.

They are Gift of God,
They care us when we are sick,
They care us when we are well,
They care us through all our life,
So we should care them,
I love my parents very much.
-Raheel Lakhani
Grade 6

lol... everytime I read this sweet memories pat my back and I ask to laugh on this not-so-nicely written poem.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Happy Teacher's Day - thanks for bringing some light in my life

Genuine teachers are undoubtedly a blessing. Teaching is a skill that can't be learned by every-any person. You will find thousands of aged professors with their unbeatable bossy look having experiences of giving long lectures based on their so-much-purani knowledge but to find a good teacher is very difficult, a teacher who is more like a friend to you then a strict master, who guides you throughout the educational phase of your life, who influences your life in positive way, who motivates you so you can be your best, who is always there for you whenever you want them. On this World Teacher's Day 03-May-2005, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an important angel in my life. Congratulation Dear Teacher, you have accomplished your mission of creating a difference in life of this trivial student. Thanking You for making me the person who I am today. I can't repay the acts of your kindness but can atleast try to share this magical relationship with my students. I know none of them have my blog address but I know God will somehow carry my message to their hearts. God bless my teachers and May all their nice wishes come true.(Amen)

Dedicated to: Ms. Yasmeen, Late Ms. Sherbanoo , Ms. Raheela Fatima, Ms. Ruqaiya Javaid, Ms. Saulat Majid, Ms. Saima Shehzad, Ms. Roshan, Ms. Anny Feroz, Ms. Salima Hussaini, Ms. Shaheen, Mr. Qalander Khan, Mr. Atif, Mr. Rizwan Bhimani, Mr. Abbas Hussain, Mr. Irfan Jessani... I hope I am not missing any important names.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Introspective Job

Say it a hobby, a habit or simly madness; I just love talking to my own darling self. I have been practicing it since my childhood and everytime it has been lucrative. Yes, a vacuum in my life where there is only me and my inner voice. Voice that is silent, silently roaming in my mind which just needs some nourishing quality time out of my fast-forwarding life. Time, when no one is allowed to interrupt and if one dares to, I can't listen to them. I just can't shift my focus from it. It has such hypnotizing powers that you just don't want to escape from it, You bet! It checks my conscience every now and then, It teaches me to grow, It helps me to understand myself, It understands my feelings, dilemmas and problems, It is a reflection of my aims and preferences, It gives me motivation and ideas to jump to the higher level. When no one is there to listen, he lends his invisible hear to me and I borrow his kindness. Sometimes, I get amused by it's healing powers. I love being alone for some time and do my introspective homework.

Hiee inner voice, hey Raheel... long time no chat!!! lets have one right away!

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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Heaven fill my lamp with oil and I place it at my window to direct the stranger through the dark. I do all these things because I live in them and if destiny should tie my hands and prevent me from doing so, the death will be my only desire. For I am a poet and if I cannot give then I shall refuse to recieve.

- Khalil Gibran

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