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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ra Ra Ra Kara!

Went to Kara yesterday. Nice experience. Saw two documentries and quite some short films. As far as documentries are concerned, they were shot really nicely. I mean you don't see such good camera work and sound design in documentries.

First was 'The Whistle Blowers" about An investigation into the issue of pesticides in bottled water and soft drinks manufactured by reputed MNC’s like Coca Cola and Pepsi in India which was recently revealed in a report by the Centre for Science and Environment. Now farmers use these soft drink in India to pesticide control in the crops because these are highly contaminated. Pepsi and Coca Cola India has taken all the water resources present in villages for their production and those poor people doesn't have any water and the water which is left is like poison. Even a normal person would become abnormal drinking those soft drinks, a doctor said. This was really funny. Those giants have united, lol business rivalries not unite, so that they can hide their ugly truths from the world. They and the filmstars both didn't have any shame nor social responsibility in advertising it like check ki huwi bottle hai. As if Aamir Khan is drinking it so we won't get hurt. It is like CSE who conducted tests doesn't give health certificates and those stars do. Those giants earn so much PROFIT.. it is around 6000 crore rupees industry in India still they don't want to put standards into practice which promote health safety. The documentry was narrated in such a nice manner that it simply rocked.

Second was the famous "Darfur Diaries-Message from home". I felt like crying at some places. I would be able to explain it very well so make sure you visit the site,

And about films those all were really nice except the one made by some Pakistani director. I didn't like it at all. It had so many loopholes but I guess it was added only because of the end message.

Wanted to go today but I have other important things to do too. Btw they have an impressive line-up on saturday 16th. Make sure you attend all the shows. I will :)

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