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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Real Me

Okay so people yesterday's pic scared lots of you so I thought I change it rather show you an image which represents me, most of me I guess. But where is the smile? Missing rather hidden. Self-potraits aren't that easy.

Am I putting on some weight? *Gets into deep thought*


There is so much choice and variety out there that it scares me, and sometimes also makes me sad(for me and for others)

A side note, Buffets just annoy me, they sometimes freak me out too but a day will come when I will just hate 'em.


"It's all good if i'm not understood, but its bloody annoying, if i'm misunderstood"

"You always see the people the way you wish them to look or be, and not the way they themselves are."

Normal Piercings don't make people bad or evil. Don't generalize it with extreme ones and body modification, I am also against it.

I wish the whole wide world could read this.

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