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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ohh I am so excited. I had my eye-brow pierced. It didn't hurt, just a pinch and I don't feel anything artificial. And this experience has given me a relevation too that why people who want it, don't get it. Fears. Fear of pain or people. Both are the same though =p Stereotypes and double standards.. duh! I guess person should be judged on how s/he is inside not outside because individuals have right to be themselves. For all those who think I am inspired by some bla bla person or friend(I have the same old circle of friends so its kinda impossible), or inshort you think I am a wannabe, then believe me there is NO vague reason for getting this piercing. I just like it so did it. Can't we accept things the way they are without complicating them with hollow values.

PS: I look so dopped up/drunk/scary in this picture though I so lurrrve my piercing. Such a poor angle and a real bd way to take a photograph =p

PSS: While commenting don't generalize please, but then it doesn't mean to you don't comment. Okay generalize I don't have any problem. I want to have your opinions.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: My cousins love it =) Jumps like crazy!

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