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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thoughts in pieces

Jab teree aankhain so jayain
Aur teree aantein kho jayain
Teray tann main, teray mann main
Teray ghar ko aag lag jayay
Aur tujhay jaag naa ayay!
-Noori, Saari Raat Jaga


Sometimes when I see some families, even my mother's(mashallah), I wished I had siblings. But I am happy and thankful because being the only child of my parents I enjoy many bounties. Afterall love could be achieved by many means, many people. We all strive for love. We also work for the same reason. Don't we?!


I am so shauqeen. The problem is I love to do so many things that I can't make lenghty time for everything. I so believe in quality time. Sorry if I am not reading and commenting on other people's blog. Like always I say I will try lets see. Btw I love reading, writing, photography, blogging, discussions and media. And I also have to study. I hope you understand. Please keep reading and continue the interaction to flourish.

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