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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Aiween Batain but FUN

Okay so I have a pentium 3 now. What a relief?! Thursday was great. Saw Jhalak Dikhla Ja(Indian Version of Dancing with stars) finale. The best two were in the finals so I am happy if anyone of them wins but according to that day's performance Shveta should win but Mona's Rumba was such a goodness that I can't even express. Impeccable postures, excellent presentation and what passion they show. Dreamy and sensual. A piece of art to be exact! It is no doubt the best performance among all the performance of that nite and previous ones. If you haven't seen it, you missed it. You missed it man. Ignorance is not bliss ;)

Mom went with her four sisters for a dawat at his cousin home. This is so complicated to explain anyways. Poor fellows didn't know where it was. I mean they knew it but not exactly. Whateva. So my mom knocked his neighbour's door so she can ask from where she should enter. A lady with a skirt and blouse came out and she didn't know about which way is the front gate. So my mom said to her, "Zara Bai ko bulana". Bai means the home owner. She replied, "Main hi bai hoon, aaj maasi ne chutti ki hai." Lolz!! My mom just went back straight into the car and all of them laughed like hell. When she told me about this I can't control my laughter and laughed for a whopping 30 minutes. LMAO =p

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