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Sunday, October 08, 2006

What if one year is passed, work is still not done - not your country's neither yours.

One year passed away so quickly, days full of sadness and sunshine of hope, much done more is required. Earthquake opened eyes of many people. Some rationalized it on the basis of faith or religion, others on science or nature. Whateva they thought or felt, the change that it brought matters the most. I have never seen our sorry-to-say divided nation, work united and so selflessly for the betterment of victims. Ramadhan then, Ramadhan now, Zakat then, Zakat now, funds/help then but where are they now. Alot has to be done and we have to contribute. This is no situation, without any doubt, where we can shout stop, we don't need it. The reality is that we need and we need it desperately so keep donating. I really appreciate everyone's effort: civilians, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Fakhr-e-Alam and the PAF Base Camp Volunteers, Medical Teams, AKU, International and National teams and some appreciation for government too for later work but surely not for initial process.

For me a blog started for healing of people of my country, HOPEPK which was for only this tragic account. Though there weren't much readers despite of a SPIDER magazine feature but I still continued streching my arms towards whole world with HOPE[v2] Blog and still there aren't any readers. We don't only need to donate to the victims but we also need to donote our souls by improving as a nation and above all as a human. Time is less, lesser than a second which is powerful enough to destroy us like it did on last year's eight october. It is not about being Muslim, doing evils and getting punishment as we have assumed when the catastrophe shakled the whole nation but we need to improve as HUMANS because these are natural processes, reminders to the mankind and not only to one sect(personal view). Lets stop bloody wars, any type of wars and start a war against your weaknesses, MOTTO: H.anding O.ver P.ositive E.nergy. If I get some visitors then I will continue or else there isn't any use of sharing the information and wisdom submitted by me and others, when no one is listening. Are you ready to take this war and help me in HOPE Revolution?

Please take part in Unaiza's Campaign by giving some donation.

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