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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brothers aren't alike =P

Hey bloggers, Aamanna completed a whole year of blogging. Congratulations and Celebrations and the wonderful list that he has written ;) Luv ya bro! =)

On the another side his brother Absar is getting naughty by tagging me. Infact he has a whole plan I tell ya! He wants to know my secret.. remember the last tag =S. Bloody revenges. What did he think that I don't have a dictionary at my home, Mr. Absar yes I know it. He tagged me to write about 'What is Remorse?'.

Dear Mr. Absar,
Remorse is a word which is present in angrezi ki dictionary. Dictionary have lousy meanings and no explanation. There is no point of giving you a meaning because firstly you have a dictionary and secondly my meaning would also be lousy =P

Dictionary says it is a guilt of past mistake(refer to the last tag) but I would say it is a fear; fear of rejection, fear of losing respect, fear of mockery, fear of gossip that will spread afterwards, simply fear of consequences. Sometimes you haven't even committed a mistake but for this cruel society, everything which isn't normal in their books is a mistake. It is not about past mistake, instead it is about the future consequences. In few words, it is what you feel after seeing that lame the idiotic blue-fellow Telefun song on your idiot boxes.. fitay moo.

Don't ever think that you will win from me the tag challenge. You haven't seen my nastiness =P. I am Commander Nastiness (safeguard is so lame).. LMAO

With hugs,
Commander Nastiness

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