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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I m a jewel - a nice long post.. ahaan!

What kind of jewel are you?


You are the epitome of loveliness. Your friends secretly hope to learn from you what makes you so beautiful, both inside and out.

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OR maybe!

What kind of jewel are you?


Your beauty is both breathtaking and stunning. Your friends could see you everyday and still be enchanted.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

the divine help

The earth(world) has to move, it has to complete its circle and is bound to visit all the points of its orbit which is the skeleton for its existence. Journey is its endeavour and the irony is this journey is full of diplomatic experiences as the earth has no heart to feel 'em, it only has only mood at all the points but alas all the points are not at one place. Sometimes it is at -or nearby- our point showing its act of kindness(only diplomatic mood) but when it is away from us and we feel betrayed by its prejudicism then comes Mars or Venus to hold our hands, to reinstate us in our comfort zone. They are those precious true friends who are always ready to soothe your emotional wounds and they make you realize that if one door is closed, there are thousands of them which are anxiously waiting for your arrival and opportunities have already broaden their horizons for 'you' the emotional being. And if all the planets in your own small 'Moi/ME-n-I' system are hostile at the offensive moment then Dont ever forget that your-n-mine-n-every1s God is always there with you, the only thing you have to do is to wisper and HE will come to bring some sunshine in your life, because HE is always there to help you.

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What Famous Leader Are You?

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by

I don't have any MONICAs in my life... make this clear!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005


It was my only lovely passion,
the one desirable obsession,
I smelt a betrayal session,
its haunting me like 80s fashion,
now they have ruined my dear mansion,
and its hard to cope up with the frustration,
I am powerless to cross the limitations,
the fault, i haven't completed graduation,
I am crying but theres no separation,
Dream is still young; is all I want mention,
I will try again to last my temptation.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I hate those restaurants where the concerned people don't know what service means and what takes to be good at it. In this menace, some people just don't know how to behave when a family is eating a dinner and want to have a shaant(peaceful) tyme.. those cheap eaters rather spectators can't help watching what they are eating? how they are eating? and what are they wearing? or why is he so damn fat? They don't have interest in eating but more in watching others. Karachites, just chill! and mind ur own bloody business or you will be in a great big loss.

I went there to have a nice time, a delicious dinner and some peaceful environment but those insane waiters, chefs(i hated the food) and a durbini(kahin per nigahein kahin per nishana type) lady has ruined my damn good mood, didn't spare a second so i can enjoy the ambience. I am tired like hell so good night!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Random Loveliness

"Don't divide your love among humans, just multiply it"
-Words of Wisdom by 'Raheel Lakhani'

Today, RJ Dino and his show 'Dost, scene on hai!' on radioactive fm96 had a topic "Aik cola drink ad mein Shaan Ali Zafar ke on the beach peeche kyun bhaag raha tha? kiya Ali ne Shaan ki biwi churali thi" and one listener commented 'Kyunke Ali ne uski chaddi churali thi' and more absurd crap followed which I don't feel like featuring 'em here. Some thought b'coz they are completely doobo-fied in Love. awww!! so mean! Do u have any comments?

Quote of the day:"Pakistan is just a baebbeee(baby)" - Reema comparing Lollywood to Bollywood

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I agree!

Do You Have An Element?


Fun, loving, and caring and all that compasion stuff and what not.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Wanna have some Tattoos

Tattoos and their story dates back to ancient times. Originated as a sacred tradition in many countries, it has now become a standout global fashion statement and a highly creative art. The journey of it from being a collective participation to a personal option is kinda scary. This transition is quite interesting but the core influence is still the same. Tattoos were used to reflect their tribe, maturity level, travel experiences, customs, values, beliefs and what not! but today they are considered to be a part of your personality showing your attitude and preferences(likings and dislikings). It is the element which speaks a thousand words in the silence. People take it as both absurd and cool. My head says temporary tattoos are okay but the permanent ones are very freaky and have long-lasting health hazards related to it, the unchangeable ones are really boring, appreciate the change man!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

confusion hai sayeein

point to ponder:

Girls can bears all that waxing, piercing and dozens of pains in the beauty parlors but when they see small hopeless cockroaches, all a person can hear from them are yells of 'Mamma, can anyone just kill this cockroach plz*all in cap locks*, muje darr lagta hai(i am afraid!)'

something really worth thinking

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Personality Disorder Test

You May Be a Bit Schizotypal ...

A bit odd and socially isolated.

You couldn't care less of what others think.

And some of your beliefs are a little weird.

Like that time you thought you were Jesus.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

charm affect

Children are those soft, cuddly, cute beings which are highly notorious yet innocent. Their touch feels soothing like a fluffy cloud, which is so volatile that it can be tattered into pieces with a harsh embrace. They are ever ready to mess with you in the most naive way that has ever been discovered. Touching your nose - making you feel like a Pinocchio, pinching you out of nothing - not less than a nightmare, playing with your hairs and pulling them out of scalp - best for giving headaches, making faces - so-kiiyute-gesture, climbing over you as if you were a mountain; they just know all the tricks of the naughty trade. Their carefree attitude and those blithe mannerisms are surely a treat to watch. They make you feel special in their own dreamlike style, feeling 'em is like heaven of stuff toys and making 'em happy is the heaven itself.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

a story told by the mark of cuts.

In Africa, they make tatoo designs on the face of an one-or-two year old adorable child by creating cuts with the help of a sharp knife. These rituals are carried out on a fresh fertile soil covered with new grown leaves. It is a way of showing respect and gratitude to their dead ancestors which will provide peace to their souls. The child bleeds bottles of blood, while the parents and relative see him/her participating in this tribal ritual in order to keep the tradition alive. It is a way of teaching the child that his/her life will not be like a bed of roses and nothing will come his way so easily. Parents suffer a dilemma, they are happy for the of tradition and sad for the pain which is suffered by their child. Mother then applies the extracts of leaves to soothe the pain and to heal the wounds.

Similarly when he(only for boys) enters the adolescence, similar marks are designed on his chest which witnesses that now he is a MAN. With due regards to the their traditions and feelings, I don't think that it is either the right way to teach a child how his/her life would be just because adrofins are active during this process nor it is the right price that has to be paid to be in a tribe. Again we can't judge or criticize them because this rituals project their values, mindsets and social liabilities. These marks tell the story of their tribes, maturity and experiences.

PS: NAT GEO discussed the history in TABOO

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Swades is a must see

Shahrukh Khan again stole my heart away by his mesmerizing performance in the movie Swades. Everything is nice about this film whether its direction, cinematography, screenplay, musical score, art direction and appropriate-not-goddy costumes or cheorography.. even the script was worked out very well which is a rare thing. I related with many parts of the movie but the climax was not so relevant, atleast for me but it was a fantastic experience to watch an art film in a commercial package for a change. Hats off to the team and Ashu!

If you want to create a difference or want to succeed then you better help yourselves by your own hardwork and expertise because no one from outside will come to create a change for you.. this was the most inspiring part of the movie.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

my net neva works... it is a delayed post

The gossipers... yeh that what I call 'em. It is a group of aunties(doesn't this word sound funny) of our locality who just discuss all the crap about others. This came to my knowledge by a friend and I have experienced a bit of their session too. I was walking by the road and I heard this:

Aunty S buying fruit and calling Aunty * simultaneously: "Idhar aao naa!"
But Aunty * replied: "Nahi mein nahi baat karahi, tumne mere se baat chupayi"
Aunty S: "Konsi baat?"
Aunty *: "Ek baat hai!"
Aunty S: "Konsi?? jo maine tumhari mummy(mother-in-law) ko batayi"
Aunty *: "Nahi woh nahi, koi aur"

I was neither interested in this shit nor I wanted to be an even small part - as an active listener - of this unhealthy activity. I opened the door of my sweet home, put my right leg in and I was inside my comfort zone and then there was no looking back. I hate gossips, its of no use, how can a person judge others and then spread the nonsense around. Confession are easy to make, heres one, I was part of it long time ago in my school days but Believe me, its aint good... no benifits at all.


and Pakistan won the ODI Series. Yaay!! Congratz!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Am I supposed to write something here?

…. I believe, I managed ‘writing’ this quite well.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

afridi ne toh kamaal kardiya

I never shared a good rapport with cricket, i just can't tolerate it. it is my childhood syndrome that i dont like anything about this not-my-type game. This ODI series has done some uncomprehensible magic on me. Afridi rocked today.. Without any doubt, Pathan was on fire. Banda form mein tha yaar. Zabardast, he just kicked the hell out of the indian team. It was thoroughly entertaining. The most thing I enjoy in these matches are the reactions of people, all those ajeeb-se frustrated sad faces and all the misery of hot weather on them.. not-to-forget those amazing artistic and creative things, such one sign(written by an Indian) said: "Please spare us Shahid Afridi, Dosti ki Khatir" The annoying part - he was out of the field just after his memorable century but no problems.. the boy was missing his naswaar. He surely made himself and Pakistan very proud.

*cheers, creams, jumps and claps*... did i mention dance?

and Pakistan won too.. yaay!!

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melodrama becomes PakaoDrama

The previous night, i was your own Pakistani Idle as i had nothing to do, no sleep wanted, no book available, no music wala mood, not working net so I watched Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi for a change because my parents were watching it too. Now the ironic part is that this ghatiya sick show has completed 1000 episodes. Wooooo i felt like crying/yelling/shouting out loud "Please spare us, do some mercy so just leave us". The damn Pakao-est show on the tv channels of the earth which makes you cry all the time, not because of the story but instead for mercy because it has turned so old that now it just smells like rotten egg yuck! they were recording the ideas of the viewers and one person said "Because of your serial, we had uncountable fights in our home" I doubt about the 1000 so-called successful shows but i am damn sure that they have made infinite records of turning nice healthy loving people into insane monkeys, some of them must be resting in mental asylum. They ended their special episode on the exact note: "From now on every episode makes a record".. Mark my words dear, "AB TOH TUMHARA RECORD LAGE GA, tum log kia record banao ge."

PS: The special show looked as if everything was fabricated and no reality existed. They are planning to go for 1000 more... hey k-team you people have gone nuts.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

fat stores in your body... but why dear? why??

When the people around you are eating spicy Cholaas and tempting rice with potatoes that you love like anything, and all you can eat is some fruits and a routine vegetable soup, believe me, it is really frustrating, annoying and heart-breaking. In addition, you work hard on your aerobics and walking routine and you fill up yourself with water. Only breakfast tastes delicious. Healthy living duh!! you can't eat anything nice. Why the hell everything made in lots of fats and oils is so damn yummy? I want justice my lord, i want justice.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Stupid Questionnaire

Ripped from Saphiya's Blog

1. If your hot favorite Hollywood celebrity threw up on you, how would you react?
i will throw two glasses of strawberry milkshake on him then topped it with some more strawberries. i will make a new fashion trend... ahaan!!! thank you thank you, no more claps please! is there any mud available??

2. What is the color of the clock (not watch) that is nearest to you?
white .. what more can you expect?

3. Who is your action comic hero?

spiderman or hulk.. waise the most fav is 'Chaddi Man'.

4. Do you have any weird unconscious habits?

kicking while sleeping.. its alot of fun LOL.

5. Would you let your partner watch his/her favorite TV show if yours is also on on a different channel?
Erm, yeah if he really weally wants me too. i can be generous sometimes for not a change

6. Two opposite words which describe you are:
helpful and mean (not sure!)

7. "I have been misunderestimated." George W. Bush's claim in one of his speeches. What do you think?
i wanna slap him hard.. maybe it can buy some akal for his peasize mind. i want to todo-fy his artificial teeth.

8. You wake up one morning and find a million dollars under your bed. What would you do with the money?
buy a nice car, a nice house, some new clothes, some charity and rest of it goes into bank. interest pays good.

9. What is the scariest headline in today's newspaper?
I dont read newspapers. Btw there is one, I ripped it from a blog, was featured here somedays back - something like '11 year old kid bites a dog' and dog is bloody dead. kheeehheeee funny naa

10. If you could design a flag for a country, what would it look like?
Black background with a donut in centre with a cup of coffee to accompany it with some chocolate flakes.

11. You cried while watching this movie:-

Kal ho naa ho! seeing SRK die. uff kia moment tha. Black was fantastic, so emotional rulane wale scene. Do I look like a cry baby?

12. You cried while reading this book:-

yeh some of the stories of 'Chicken soup for the soul' happens to be very touching,

13. What's on T.V?
Kyunke saas bhi kabhi bahu thi... i hate this serial.. its more like a serial killer. ufff mom get a life!

14. Life is ...

a mere dream where you have to prove yourself and self-submission is the first step towards the climbing ladder.

15. Did you enjoy filling this questionnaire.
betta than watching kyunki but was time consuming.

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I exercised and felt accomplished, then I ate a packet of fried fattening chips. Now I am ashamed of myself, I am feeling like a loser. No problem... tomorrow will be a new beginning - I WILL work hard, eat less and shift to a better lifestyle. Nothin is impossible because I-M-Possible.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Pakistan won.. yaay!!! really a close win. the last deciding ball and the anth 4-run hit of Inzamam kudos!! I have never watched any match so curiously and I haven't ever prayed before for our team. It was really nice to see Pakistan winning for a change and OMG! Inzamam was so calm and collected in the tensed situation, nerves or risks could have killed him. End note: He is the man, only a chilled glass of LASSI works for him ;)

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

am I ready? are you ready?

Today was a great day. I attended a seminar in IED Auditorium on the topic "Art of Self-Mastery and Power to Change" conducted by Hussain Jinnah, the man who has conducted various workshops and advance trainings in Canada and USA. He was trained by great authors like Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. When such people come to 'Karachi', everyone should avail such opportunities. I went there and was completely amazed by the stuff that he has to offer. The core thing covered was: in order to change yourself, you have to change the mindset, paradigm, belief system(whateva you say it) from WITHIN which reflects in your physical component or the thing we call reality. It may sound cliche but it really works because of its hidden majestic and magical powers - "Nothing changes till you change" It was an enlightening experience and I will surely share these profound insights with all of you. Maybe I will start a new blog for the purpose of sharing knowledge on this particular topic or else will continue writing 'all the stuff' on this one blog.

PS: We(me and my college frnds) were supposed to meet and chill at Pizza Hut but like always, all plans collapsed at kinda 11th hour. No problemo! Changes can be good, they provide you other opportunities or say open others doors for you to walk into. Same was the picture for me, disappointment never looked same. It proved to be for good and I am thankful to my dear God for this and all of his other blessings.

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

slept on bed of red hot coals

When your mom says big YES to your not biological but yet socially so-called aunt then you are in big trouble and more gigantic head-aches(it feels something like tall heavy building on your head which are being dismantled by hard hits of hammer) isn't it sound painful? it is something more gruelling than that. I dont want to write anything that was my answer to my mom but she said"Raheel likh do, tumko pata hai woh muje khaa jayegi"... hahha evil(subscript:female) human eater. The thing is not about writing a piece of speech for THE woman for her participation in somekindof all budhi women conference but the agony starts with your emotions related to her settled somewhere in your subconcious as she has given me immense torture, misery, suffering and deprivation(shaya zayada hogaya!). People go and wash your face, there is no hanky-panky, no jerry springer show, no rickey episode, no james(am I saying it rite?) kennedy experiment thingy. I hope now you are back on your seats. Yes, so what was I saying?. Everytime I think about her the angry side of me takes of my neurons and then burst of stupid senseless emotions evoke just like hell from no-where. First of all, she is better than all those cheap glue brands like UHU, Fevikol, Elfi etc ... and she is really Pakao, like any other aged woman in town she is very muchos interfering, she is pain in whole body - can be a good jailer, she is very cunning and she knows how to be real real real cruel. But with those attritubes, i was ready to help her... I am surely very KIND. She thanked me and kept saying "Bichara yeh soya tha, maine khaas usko uthwaya"(... uthwaya reminds me of all those suparis which are taken for kidnapping and none can eat 'em) but after all i accept her thanks but all those people who are infectious to my health like her, there is a pledge "stay miles and miles away from me"

BTW people I am not that kind, I did this for my mother because I love her very much and I can do anything to make her happy. Love ya Mom! you mean world to me and I know that I am the greatest thing that have ever happened to you.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

served with chilled banana milkshake

some strange (and equally funny) news from blog of IndiaUncut :

An 81-year-old fellow with 92 wives dies, his lifetime ambition of marrying 100 women unfulfilled. Mid Day reports: "Dakshinray had no knowledge of the whereabouts of most of his wives. However, his 5th and 72nd wives used to live with him."

IANS has a story about an 11-year-old boy in Bihar who lives with dogs, some of whom die when he bites them. The report quotes his mother as saying that "[h]e had even been fed milk by a b*tch as a child."

This is my request - Please don't take this seriously because you can witness from what is said that journalists and editors have lost their nuts and bolts are also not in place with not so perfect shape.

PS: if anyone is thinking "Where the hell is banana milkshake?".. then the answer from my side is "resting in my big belly, gotcha!!"

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random goodness

"aajkal camera mein photo nahi balke izzat utarti hai"

cynically dedicated to all those bollywood celebs who were caught in a sting operation. kudos to the cunning team!!! the news is still hot.

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is it true for you?

"A minute's success pays the failure of years."

kinda true for only some 'ginne-chune' people

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tons of Improvement.. that is wat i desperately need

i am not satisfied by my life-style in which i am maybe pretending to live. it is kinda lazy in the first half of the day and active in the other half. it is a mixture which can be nutritious only when i become more active or in other words hyper-active. its like a spectrum in which there are no lines not even blurred ones, everything works on mix and match. strengths have lost their bar-codes and weakness are now 6"5' inch tall. i desperately want to:
  • lose some fat
  • tatas to weaknesses
  • rejuvenate my strengths
  • live healthy
  • think positively
  • take no tensions
  • give more respect to others
  • get away with all mental disorders
  • sleep right
  • study hard
  • appreciate leisures and don't waste 'em
  • be more artistic
  • new hair-do
  • create some excitement
  • listen more music
  • watch more movies
  • be a RJ
  • make a short film
  • write more good meaningful stuff
  • read like hell
  • be more kind
  • visit my adorable high school AKHSS
  • meet my friends, akhss-mates
  • want to meet old old purane teachers
  • fall in love(fantasy duh!!!) - sounds so impractical for now LOL!
..... and the list goes on

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the man with an insane touch says "Laugh like there is no 2morrow"

Absurd.... yesh! i laughed, more laughed and continued this mad laughing thingy till i got my senses back after some long evening nap/sleep(nowadays i am a raat jaaga kinda person) or maybe i fell down after laughing hard. The ironic part this thing continued for approx half day without any reason, yea you don't have any eye-sight problem; the thing you read few seconds ealier was a complete truth.

If you have watched Dr. Asthana(played by Boman Irani, wat a wonderful actor he is!) in Munna Bhai MBBS, Mr. Raheel is quite similar to him, Laughing Theraphy works best for Mr. Raheel and he thinks that 'Laughing Gas' is the best invention ever made after computer and recipes of coffee, pizza and boston creme donuts(of dunkin donuts, incase you don't know)

People who know me in real life has experienced it many times that when i start laughing; there are no stops, no speed-breakers, nothing at all - all you can see is Me, Myself and My CONTAGIOUS Laugh. Its really tough to unplug me from my whole-body-shaker-type laugh, it starts with some reason and the whole laugh time doesn't prolong more than 10 mins. But today was a unique day, i was laughing but i didn't know why am i doing that. isn't it strange? and 5-10-15 mins are understandable but for the whole day duh!! while drinking that sugar-cane juice at around 12:30 pm which tasted more like lemonade than the original, i got my worst laugh attack and my mom commented "aama(n) haswa ni su vaat che?(why are u laughing when nothing is there to laugh about), raheel tu kia pagal hogaya hai?(raheel have u gone mad?) isko pina hai toh drink it warna chor de?(drink this or else leave it)" and the next thing - i can't help it and bursted into more laughs. Just visit our home and the experience you will get is a multi-lingual shock of hilarious gujrati, horrible urdu and few-known-words-wali english - we are indeed jack of all, master of none =P

was I turning into a mad cow? or was I drunk after drinking a lot of coffee or just water? or was I getting insane? or did I wanted a bloody brain surgery? or was I reading Ghalib's poetry? had I eaten more food than required? or was I tensed/stressed/depressed like anything? or had I seen Ms. Ashrafi Aata in my dream saying the word 'your class is so Pa-ttttthhhhhe-tic(an exaggerated version of the word pathetic)? or had I walked into a titar-beetar-papers-with-yells-n'screams-type class of that Ms. Naseem who can't help playing with her teacher's gown(obviously again my dreams, something like aap logon ko sharam nahi aati, hamari sws society ne itne paise jamah karliye hain or hmm.., aap kiska intezaar kar rahe hain followed by jaldi karein jaldi karein - all delivered in a particular accent)? or had I seen some Pakistani or Punjabi movie(btw both are same)? had I seen my bald ex-professor before chandraat? or had i lend my ears to a goofy/slapstick piece of humor? or maybe i had listened to some Ali Zafar's not-worth-listening songs or was I suffering from a mood-swing? or simply because i didn't had anything else to do. (sometimes all verb-tense mistakes are pardonable) OMG so many questions!!!

these questions are yet to be answered... most of them are unanswerable ones and some are not even worth answering. today's mantra: laughter is the best medicine and the best job to have in your FARIG times.

PS: Dacca Sweets can do wonders with their sandwiches.. love 'em. I hate my cable wala bcoz most of the times my net is dead; ajeeb se expressions ke saath me saying: "late posts"

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MMA men disrupt women's marathon
By Akram Malik

GUJRANWALA, April 3: Declaring girls' participation in public sports as an un-Islamic act, hundreds of activists of the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal, led by a member of the National Assembly, disrupted a mini-marathon here on Sunday.

They set on fire 19 vehicles outside the Jinnah Stadium and damaged other property.

Over a dozen MMA activists, including MNA Maulana Qazi Hamidullah and his son Maulana Kafaitullah, and three policemen were injured in a clash which erupted when police tried to prevent them from disrupting the event. Police later arrested the MNA and about 20 other people.

The district administration had been asked by the local leadership of the alliance to drop girls' event from the 3km marathon. The administration, however, went ahead with the plan, but failed to take adequate security measures. A similar event had been held in Lahore last month amid tight security.

The trouble started when about 800 MMA activists who had gathered outside the stadium were informed that the girls' race had started from the Divisional Public School. By that time the men's race, which begun half an hour earlier, had reached the stadium.

According to officials, the activists, who were armed with 'petrol bombs', clubs and bricks, attacked the participants of the men's race, police and district administration personnel.

They torched 12 cars and seven motorcycles and smashed window-panes of the stadium and adjacent buildings and shops. Police resorted to a baton-charge, but after failing to disperse the violent crowd they started firing in the air.

Cars belonging to Punjab Transport Minister Rana Shamshad Ahmad Khan, MPA Mohammad Ashraf Butt, Tehsil Municipal Administrator Chaudhry Zubair Nat, Pakistan Muslim League District president Chaudhry Zafarullah and the executive district officer, revenue, were among those set on fire.

The girls' race was stopped half way. Some officials said that people responsible for the violence might face trial under the Anti-Terrorism Act. MMA leaders blamed the administration for the incident and said they had warned the organizers no to hold the girls' marathon on the GT Road.

A press note issued by District Coordination Officer Fazeel Asghar alleged that the assailants had also used petrol bombs and fired at the main gate of the stadium with automatic weapons. MNA Hamidullah denied the allegation.

News courtesy: DAWN

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Monday, April 04, 2005


Pollution, it was my favorite topic for essay writing, speech and art in my childhood days because I mostly scored maximum marks after reflecting my thoughts on it. Today my hatred towards pollution increased to the next level. Scorching heat, sun burns, dry throat, noises coming from every single corner, wrecked roads, lead toxicities by smoke, garbage, long-waiting-thingy and what not! today was the perfect worst day. Sun was really angry with us today and made me dizzy, angry, sleepy and frustrated and all this was about short yelling sessions of Ganda-Bacha(yea thats me) with my mom and she tolerated it like anything. Love of every mom is really speechless and not-to-forget unconditional. I always try to be nice with my parents and try not-make-them-HURT but sometimes I can't help it yaar. Tensions and frustations makes me insane, after all I am a human yaar! Before you ask me something like “are you really a human?” {comma} My lord my answer is "ofcourse I am!"

Thanks to God - yan yan and donuts came to my rescue, calmed me down. Sleep and relaxation was the *IT* thing I desperately wanted and it was really nice thing to have, because I don't have to listen to the rona-dhona of saas-bahu wala dramas which is annoying background score of not only my home but most of the helpless poor people are suffering from it. We indeed want a real sanity check!

Say YES to Healthy Living and Say BIG NO to Pollution, Save Environment!

PS: Rs. 25 Crore are invested for setting up a recycling plant for waste and garbage. Pakistan needs such three more plants to cope of with the needs of reclycling.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

foto fanatic

some of my latest work:

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murder of a lizard

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liberally conservative

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burning moon

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enclosed in a coffin; the polluted blood

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

sorriee.. but you can atleast read this, i can provide you aspirins

Omer Sharif... yes, a guy who is a certified cheapo paindoo jerk but when you watch his show on GEO.. you can laugh a little, sometimes even more that; BUTT(sorry it was meant to be BUT), he is still a paindoo, whenever he disguises himself as a woman and starts talking in english then I can't help laughing hard because everything is so hap hazard and there is no-sar-paoon of grammar(long long tiring sentence). He and *ONLY he* can understand, what he says in his so-called english.

I don't have to tell anyone about his sick plays because they aren't worth watching but GEO show is still tolerable as it slaps and embarrasses the hell out of celebrities by mimicking 'em. The best thing about him is his stand-up comedies; he is a guru and a cheetah in this category and has made Pakistan proud in other countries.

PS: if anybody thinks that I am a biggie fan of OS then he is damn wrong, please throw this thought out of your mind immediately. I was just watching GEO and I had to write something so I took him as a subject in desperation. Now I apologize for this shameful act, was I supposed to write this last line.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Bollywood's Insanity!

bhaiyoon aur unki behano (brothers and their sisters).. i have found something funny and hilarious on account of April Fool's Day. This articles feature the scenes by which Bollywood films try to fool us. I hope you enjoy this one!

Click Here!

Courtesy: IndiaFm

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hum sab ke liye!

HUM TV is the one of those pakistani channels which have excelled in a very short span of time and is giving genuine classy entertainment. The variety that it offers is uncomparable and surely commendable. I hope it doesn't lose its standard like all those Indus and Ary network channels. "Mere Paas Paas" and "Casual" are two those best shows about which i am completely mad and i can't afford to miss any of its episodes. The best part is they also show Mehreen Jabbar's work which i adore the most. She is the best director that Pakistan has ever produced but sigh! she never received her deserved acknowledgement by many senseless people for her unique sense. Hatz off! to all those people who are striving to make a difference.

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THE HATE PHASE; it hurts

The thing i hate the most is hurting anyone... and on top of it I HATE(remember, it is in caps) getting hurt by someone, it feels really damn ugly. After family, the people which are close to my heart are my friends. They are those special people in my life that are LESS in number, maybe because 'less is more' but nothing precious like 'em. Its sometimes hard to know that MAYBE they don't think same or atleast behave the same but no problem.. friendship is not about taking, it is always about giving. However giving is perfect until you don't have to sell your own self-respect because it doesn't have any space for compromises. am i rite? i sound so true, believe me! I hope my *TRUE* friends realize my feelings about this funda/mantra/wateva because i think some even don't know what true friendship is and some dont even believe in it.

"Always think twice before you speak, Cross-checking is always important" and try to give a damn!

PS: i am taking no names, none has to take it personal because i ain't criticizing ANYBODY.

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