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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Celebrations in abundance

Today is my blog's second birthday. Happy Birthday dear bloggy. W00T! This year was slow but still good. I hope I catch up next year. You just bet!

Some important things that happened last year. We shifted our home for the first time, atleast for me. I was transferred to ACCA. I got a Sony Cybershot. My first actual crush - welcome to lala land, I will blog about it sometime later. I got fainted for the first time this year. Gave some recruitment interviews and they all need B.Com. Faints again. I met some of my relatives after long long time almost a decade. And how can I forget my eyebrow piercing! Am I missing something? Yes I am. Got alot of unique opportunities, happiness and blessed moments. Thanks God for it.

With the year 2006 approaching its end, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

And a very Happy and surely messy Eid! =p

Wish me all the luck this year for being and getting the best in everything. Amen

PS: The cute cow is copyrighted to/by yours truly - I mean the pic!
PSS: Now go to H.O.P.E. blog.

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