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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

'Main aur Mera' - a journey of selfishness

Finally, I made a short film. Not something great, just an effort to play with the camera and learn the art. This had to be launched on 14th August but got delayed because of my lame computer. Then I didn't want it to post it on some random day. With electricity problem that happened day before yesterday, yesterday and still haven't been solved till today, I present to you my first short film 'Main aur Mera'. I would like to have your ratings and opinions there at Google video. You can also download it if your net is as bad as me, bad means it can't view videos easily on a webpage. If you don't have gmail account then feel free to comment here.

PS: The film is about my point of view, you don't have to necessarily agree with it. I just want you to have a good watching experience. USE YOUR MINDS and ENJOY as many frames are conceptual than literal.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Want some answers and suggestions from you!

I was thinking of having my eyebrow pierced but the risks associated with it are huge so I have dropped the idea, still I think that barbell on eyebrow looks very cool. Now I have decided to have a wrist piercing on my arm. I have to see whether Sarvanas here in Gulf have people competent enough to do it because mostly surface piercing doesn't last for much time and it also have side effects but not major ones. The only thing I am concerned about is that is it worth to have such pain and misery for a thing which won't last much/forever and can leave a scar too?! What would you do in such a situation? Your advice is desperately needed. I might also have my cartialage pierced which is very normal and it also lasts.

Red Bull surely gives you wings, to go and sleep to be exact. You don't need to walk. You direcly land up on bed. I took it once because I wanted to remain awake as I was feeling very sleepy at that moment. Claims were wrong. Red Bull is a lame dring. It is evil. It can do bad things with your throat though the taste is nice and surely not like that pinkish red fever syrup Calpol. I know a person who when everytime drank a can of Red Bull started getting mad and laughing like hell. Lol there is nothing in the drink, its all about psychology that want to transcend in minds of innocent people by their funny rather creative ads.

Question for the day, Why we hurt people when the reasons aren't ours, they are bought from someone and aren't valid?

Most important question: Should I go for the wrist piercing?

UPDATED: People I don't entertain anonymous comments so plz Mr/Ms who ever you are, mention your RIGHT name atleast!

body jewelry
by Silver-thailand!

Body Jewelry

body jewelry
by Silver-thailand!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This is only true for my culture I guess where people aren't tolerant and for sure narrowminded.

Nature is trying to tell me something. I won't go in the details but I have taken the notice, I have tried to get some points.. right or wrong time will tell but from now I will be a faker. We all are fakers throughout our lives but this will be a sudden shift. Shift of personality that people see from outside as people have standards. We are products that are on the shelves of cheap or expensive stores. Anybody can see us and then buy us only if the standards aren't for trash but in reality they are even grosser than filthy trash. This world is not about who you are because people won't respect you as it is. You have to champelion. Champelion disguises but his self-identity is the same. I look like I am happy like anything with this world but I am not! I treasure my frienships but I know friendships aren't for life, only family is that too is reality these days because people want to be so-called independent. I will be meanie. I will be like world wants you to be. I will ditch people by remaining Raheel but in wrapping they want. Have you ever reliazed that the words intrapersonal and interpersonal rarely can't have some personality?! I hope I don't get into regret afterwards by being same as others, even its only on the exterior.

Horoscope also says the same:
Today you may well realize that there are certain areas of your life that would benefit from dramatic change, Raheel. Use this energy to set some serious career goals and expectations. You may be a bit frightened by your new, assertive manner, but you will also be pleasantly surprised when you see how effective it is.

PS: I hate dilemmas

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

We Rock!

Got back from Garba Night. Ohh we gujrati rock. Our dance rock and so our phunny language. Had the ball of a time, dance alot after long time and I also placed disco garba. I finally did! It was so fun. I was little conscious of myself but then dancing is not about getting conscious, its about full masti and dhamaal or say to forget yourself and everything and all you do is just dance on the beats of the music and your heartbeat. I also need to learn some moves. Next time I will rock! Won couple of photography games at deviantArt. Today was rocking day. Btw slept alot too and missed dandiyas.

PS: ..and we are not Gujju Community in K3G. You just gotta look our garbas and dandiyas. We will make you mad on the taal.


Btw this is what my horoscope said:

You could be in a sassy mood, Raheel! Sometimes your sense of humor is a bit wild, and today you could be out of control. You could be flirting with everyone in sight and telling jokes all day long. You might not be in the mood to get much work done, but you will be enjoying yourself! Try to allow time for socializing in the evening. You'd enjoy attending a small party where the performer in you can take center stage.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Heewa(our scrapbook wali baji) is sho shweet. She tagged me. I love being tagged. Here it goes!

I am thinking about...
joining salsa classes and getting my eyebrow pierced.. seriously!

I said...
my friend is a big KAKKU(mentally ill)

I want to...

I wish...
life could be simpler!

I miss...
Saleem(if you don't know anything about him read my last se last post)

I hear...
negative things.. haye I am becoming such a doubty shouty person.

I wonder...
if people will ever feed their pea-sized minds.

I regret...
doing SSC and then HSC.. especially from Pakistan.

I am...
RAHEEL LAKHANI with a TAJUDDIN in between ;)
Btw I have stop saying my pop's name because people don't understand it LOL.. long story! Still people remember me by my dad's name.. so shweet naa!
Above all I am thora sa crack and thora sa creative and bohat sara optimistic.
Kuch zayada hi hogaya.. NEXT>

I dance...
from the deepest chord of my soul, even when there is no music.

I sing...
like cow shit but I so love singing. Beware!

I cry...
sometimes when I am very much upset or after being hurt. Always after being extremely angry.

I am not always...
listening maybe.

I write...
what I feel like writing then it becomes philosophical and then no one understands. LONG SENTENCES(three explanation marks!!!)

I confuse...
dumbos or oversmarties. simple people too. I guess everyone I know.

I need...
a raapchik camera and a learning-training-experience wali job.

I should try...
to be little normal =p

I finish...
virtually almost nothing, actually everything.

yaay!! im done. and i tag the first three people who comment or kisi ko so-called tension leni ho toh plz do it especially Aamanna jee. Absar is also allowed. chalo ab katlo paisa vasool.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When u miss something, u r away from it then u understand its actual importance, its actual love from a view far away from sight still near to heart.

I wanted to post about my reading experience of THE ZAHIR by Paulo Coelho for quite some time but now I finally get a chance to do so. This book is a gem. Paulo has written it so beautifully and above all so intelligently that it is a treat, especially for his fans. Sometimes you feel like he is blowing his own trumphet but with flipping of pages and more pages you will see that it is not like this. You will desire read more of it and also of him. Do you people remember that some point in your life when you were asked to write an essay about books, you might have written something like Book is your best friends, when you are alone it talks with you. The best book is one that which can be read many times and every time it says something different something unique. This book is all like that. For me best books have sentences which are lyrical, intelligent and layered.

Happy Reading!!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Journey to the recent past

I wasted my time to write all this, now you people read!

Okay if I really want to write about something, it bound to be late. I don't why it happens, a curse or mere laziness. Last month was special. Last month was crazy. Last month was a beginning and it always follows after an end so it was obviously packed with mixed emotions. There was my birthday, shifting of home and God knows what not!

27th August happens to be birthday of my college a.k.a. high school i.e. AKHSS. We call it Founder's day, not only remember its name but we also celebrate it rather kinda celebrate. We celebrate it in such enthusiasm that only 6 people outta I guess 15 of our friends circle showed up and that too late. It was really boring. Three people talking about Shaadi, Barbadi and the engagement plus all the problems in between. Rest three were getting bored. Two extrememly bored. One was thinking about suicide. Yes me! It was hell lotta boring.. this is an understatement. My best friend Mr. Idiot had to go to punjabi land. The people who make me talk where missing but still I met some of my friends after a long time, hey but where were the teachers.. oh I forget we showed up after half an hour after the formal celebrations were ended and the security guard was throwing us away all over the campus and we ended up in the adjacent garden of Secondary School =P. Btw Ms. R now Mrs. R our teacher got married on the same day, couldn't she do her vows some other day =S

Now its September. First of September we had alot of fun. We means me, sunny, choti duniya and bey =) sunny was going we gave him a farewell, he treated us with an awesome pizza lunch, we played Dum Sharades(whateva!) and yours truly was the stunner(can't you see the pic.. the laughter and laughing guru =p). Sunny wanted to spend a whole day with us before going. He spent alot more time with me later days doing small talks because of some delays so we met everyday for three-four days and it was so fun. Now I miss him. What a wonderful friend which I made in a very short time! Why friends don't stick with you for long? They have to go, atleast when I am in the play.. argh :@

Friends forever. This is a myth. They just arent! No blaming, no complaining, just the law of nature. Live moves on. People have to move on too. They take their paths but the memories remain. Maybe phone calls too :)

Btw TereBin and Pal Har Pal are two songs which are Lurrve.

After seeing Indian version of Dancing with the Stars, I want to dance too. I want to learn Salsa. Why the hell there aren't any good places with APPROPRIATE timings.

People sorry for not visiting your blogs and being late in replying to your comments.. I have updated/answered the comments. God give me the strength to blog regularly =p.

PS: I am ill and I ate pizza.. now thtz something angelic ;)

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brothers aren't alike =P

Hey bloggers, Aamanna completed a whole year of blogging. Congratulations and Celebrations and the wonderful list that he has written ;) Luv ya bro! =)

On the another side his brother Absar is getting naughty by tagging me. Infact he has a whole plan I tell ya! He wants to know my secret.. remember the last tag =S. Bloody revenges. What did he think that I don't have a dictionary at my home, Mr. Absar yes I know it. He tagged me to write about 'What is Remorse?'.

Dear Mr. Absar,
Remorse is a word which is present in angrezi ki dictionary. Dictionary have lousy meanings and no explanation. There is no point of giving you a meaning because firstly you have a dictionary and secondly my meaning would also be lousy =P

Dictionary says it is a guilt of past mistake(refer to the last tag) but I would say it is a fear; fear of rejection, fear of losing respect, fear of mockery, fear of gossip that will spread afterwards, simply fear of consequences. Sometimes you haven't even committed a mistake but for this cruel society, everything which isn't normal in their books is a mistake. It is not about past mistake, instead it is about the future consequences. In few words, it is what you feel after seeing that lame the idiotic blue-fellow Telefun song on your idiot boxes.. fitay moo.

Don't ever think that you will win from me the tag challenge. You haven't seen my nastiness =P. I am Commander Nastiness (safeguard is so lame).. LMAO

With hugs,
Commander Nastiness

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