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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fun and Agony

Last week, both Saturday and Sunday was so busy. Busy for watching movies at Kara. Saturday was especially rocking as my friends of Mehreen Jabbar community at orkut were there, saw and met Sania Saeed, Maheen Zia, Jamil Dehalvi and every movie from shorts, documentry to features. Most of them were Pakis. Saw Man Pust Cart and Jamil Dehalvi's films, what a treat! Who didnt came surely missed something worth watching. It is such a pity that movies like OMKARA get a housefull but very less audience for documentries. I think we desparately need two to three cinemas in this city with good films from around the globe with good picture quality and sound.
People Dhoom TV should be banned. Not because of their poor quality programmes because most of the television channel is broadcasting shitty stuff but this channel has gone insane. Have you seen Tel ke dabbay(Tins of Oil) on the desk of newcasters with a logo of bakeparlor on the screen. I guess America is behind this =p Lalach ki bhi hadh hoti hai yaar.
I was writing a novel. I am started it but I wrote a part of it and now it has gone deleted ACCIDENTLY with the BACKUP. I don't know how. Weeps, Cries, Faints. Thinking about how to recover corrupt files.
NEED A VERY IMPORTANT ADVICE: Should I switch to the new blogger because I have heard that beta caused alot of problems to some people in Karachi?

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