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Monday, July 31, 2006

Jogging of the mind

Last 100 or less pages of 'The Zahir' are left. It is an interesting read but somewhat annoying too. Paulo Coelho's discusses philosophy in his book in a very modest simple kinda way but this one has so many layers to it that I think that I have to re-read the whole novel again once I complete it. It is also good in a way because this way books don't end up in trash because you can learn something new everytime you put your hands on it but do I have time for that?! Thats a seperate question altogether.

Rains are so fun. Even the zodiac signs of Fire like Leos can't resist the water. This reminds me that there are 13 days left for my birthday :) From couple of years, every birthday brings something new in my life as if its a complete new beginning for me.

There always comes a phase in a person's life when problem arrive in a person life. He tries hard to solve it, atleast plans for it. As soon as things come closer to the solution and hopes are high, that timeframe, that moment takes a 180 degree turn which means what you expected didn't happen or if the problem did get solve another problem arose and then you feel OMG not again. This is nature's game. God never wants his most beloved creatures to sufffer. HE surely does solve the problems but it never comes easy. It is a tough path, a learning journey, a series of events which make you realize where you were wrong or where you can improve and be better for good until that good wants to advance into something excellent but that excellent phase doesn't necessarily bring the same ordeal again because you have already learned it not a hard but in a wise way so then its only about hard work and God's blessings in a different way. HIS guidance is always there, all you have to do is to ask him for it and if you don't even ask him about it, HE will still grant you that if it's good for you but its always good to remember God and its not even enough if we show him our love in any way how big it may seem because HIS love far greater than ours and we can't even imagine but we surely can feel it. God isn't ONLY there for granting your wishes (as we all want it to be that way), HE is there to listen to you and choose whatever is best for you :)

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Friday, July 28, 2006

It happened a while ago

I completed Paulo Coelho's book "By River Piedra I sat down and wept". I bought it from a book fair, the minute I saw the title I knew that I wanted this book and it will be perfect for my test and in the end it turned to be such a pleasurable read that I can't even explain it to you. Some books are magical without any obvious reason.. maybe it is the words or the idea that makes that experience so great. I recommend this book to all. Currently reading "The Zahir" again by Coelho(very interesting) and the Biography of Edhi(God knows when will I end this?!, it is so fatly moti taazi and somewhat dry. Btw is fatly really a word?).

Karachi had its share of short drizzles, now me wants rain. "Rain Rain Rain go away, please come another day." Sometimes I wonder which chariye ka bacha or which specie of idiots has written this poem.

Okay so when relatives come from abroad they bring you things. Some people gives you loads, most of those things are of low quality, totally useless and goes straight into dustbin. Some people bring only one gift but an expensive or atleast such that we can use it. But this cousin of mine has brought so many expensive colognes, nuts and shirts that I am totally impressed.. great stuff for mom too. Afterall who doesn't like pricey things but again we shouldn't be that materialistic. If she had brought only one of those I would still have been happy ;) It is only about the way we see things haina?!

There is so much that I can write but I guess it enough for today.

Take Care

PS: If you don't understand those urdu words then don't worry and think that they don't mean anything :p

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am back hamesha ke liye wala

Oh my God I passed the paper for which I only studied 2 days max with breaks that were infinitely long and seriousness which was 0%. I won't tell you the score as I have passed the exam and that matters the most :P

I know it has been days when I wrote my last post packed with all the enthusiasm and now when I have arrived again I have so much to write that I am unable to figure what to write first AND what not to write.

Filhal toh dil chah raha hai ke es baarish ke pani main doob maroon, baarish nahi toh bhoondhabandi hi sahi lekin ho toh.. shukar hai atleast mausam tobh acha hai :)

..and all the anti-annie people please stand up!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First Law Class

I know I don't have time but I have to write this.. I have to!!

After attending the first class of my law course I have to write this. Our teacher is short but his built is like a commando. His voice can be a good asset for any radio station. According to me, he has a great sense of humor which classifies him as a sarcastic individual. The only bad thing about him is that he don't answer questions which are impractical w.r.t. the current world about which most of the class gentry doesn't have any clue and so all of his rude and sarcastic comments have to follow the question. His favorite word is PAAGAL(meaning insane) and my favorite quote of his is:

TU KAUN? MAIN KHAAMAKHA!! .. can anyone help me with its translation :p

(he said this when a girl asked him a question in which an agent makes a deal with a third party without knowing that his principal wants him to do it or not)

Evening classes are fun.. they are light and the enviornment in public buses are also light(despite of being conjested) with dim lights.. so much light around and so is the darkness.

Btw Survivor Pakistan sucks big time!!

Last but not the least, I saw a car today which had SECRETS OF SUCCESS written on its back glass. They were something like this Corruption, Abusive Language, Mockery, Bribes, Stealing, Lies, Adultery, Jealousy etc. This person sketched the state of our society with such creativity and pointed out the evils so easily that I was impressed. I wished I had a camera with me.

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It is hard to be different and harder to live like that.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

It is hard to be different.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

BRB soon

I know I haven't written anything here for ages. I have thought about posting so many times, even I have opened the dashboard but everytime something unexpected happens and I have to do close the dashboard and move on with life. My last paper is on 25th and after that inshallah there will be no looking back, in the meantime IF I get some free time I will make sure that I post because I am really missing blogging and bloggers.. and Khawab don't worry I will be a regular blogger again pretty soon :)

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