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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jumping on the bed helps, it doesn't matter how old are you. Just beware of the fan.

Seeing Khicidi now named Instant Khichidi after a year or so was so much fun. The show is still rocking as ever.

Tried Moccacino at McDonalds and I enjoyed it like anything. I guess this is the ideal casual coffee for me, just perfect, the way I like it man. I read somewhere that all the coffees are same at McDonalds but people who can't distinguish between Mc Donalds Moccacino and Cappucino don't know to taste the coffee.

Ohh my desire for food has increased so much. I have to do something to control it. *Drinks water*

Now something serious. I don't know why people are so suffocated in themselves. Rules are to help not to take away your peace of mind. People don't be afraid of trying something new, if you can't then please learn to accept things. Try to enjoy life, happiness is about feeling good, happiness is in small things. Hey don't take it wrong again it is not about piercing, it is about something else. As far as piercing episode is concerned many people liked it, those who don't will get used to it in a while, many have already. Afterall I don't look green headed alien in it.

Such a badly written post. Label: SCRAP =P

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