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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cheers for all four of them.. Hip Hip Hurray!!

Mona Darling Singh jeet gayi.. yeeehaaaa!! Mona is so fun but felt bad for Shveta as she is the best dancer but phir bhi sometimes you feel like what a fantastic performance but then you see Mona and she mesmerizes you even though it is not the best. It is all about grace which is more important for a dancer than technique. Everyboy can learn dance but it is about the spirit and emotions. That zing.. ohh ya her personality is so confused, she doesn't express it. Fun sells more than maturity and that is simple. Secondly Shveta's partner was an excellent cheorographer but not that attractive dancer, same as Farah Khan :p

Anyways this is first time that Indian Reality Tv has declared a winner according to my choice. Mona's Dancing Funda: Dance as if no one is watching. My funda is the same :) Mona and Toby in Rumba were so good, the winning performance of all. Today's show also had fantastic performances. Best of luck to Shveta too. Aise likh raha hoon jaisey abhi aakar parhey gi. I love both of 'em seriously. She should join films, she will rock there. For now cya from this dancing buff who writing the post for the second time. Poor blogger scripts.

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