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Monday, October 23, 2006

Fun, Masti, Dhamaal and Yours truly.

Yesterday was so much fun that I can't even tell you. It was the best Iftar One-Dish Party Cum Movie Mania.. lolz!! Mashallah se! Ate everything(don't know for chakhna). Yours truly was the centre of attraction and attention, my silly sense of humor and wild personality can't go wrong.. kasam se! This had to happen because my charm can go wrong and above all that horoscope service is getting better and better ;).. oh I am sounding so lame =p. Compliments from girls that I was looking smart made my day. And did I tell you everyone was like Raheel pass this and pass that and your mom's laal aalo are the greatest. Lol, koi aur jaise wahan ho hi nahi pass pass khelne ke liye. The actual fun was when the movie started Lage Raho Munna Bhai. I was shouting Popcorn Popcorn. A brought it and poor N has hidden it somewhere. When I gave N the spicy chips then he told me where were the Popcorn which was all burnt up. A is a gandi bachi. She should have made popcorn not the black popcorn. Ate chips like a mad person. A whole big bakery packet. Gave some to N, H and other N. Those chips were so tasty but we ate it so badly that it was all around on floor in tit bits. On the whole the day was rocking and the four pieces of Chocolate Chips Cake was delicious.

Btw watched Dor another day, great cinematography. Both movies are awesome and very inspiring. I completely recommend it. What fun!

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