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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Book Circus

I started reading Edhi's Biography, read one-fourth of it, thought it is huge so lets put it on hold. Took God of small things in my hand, a book which is huge but looks small and what a drag, I am planning to give it away to someone ASAP who has a very good english, lots of patience and mind. Details are good but there should be a limit. A book with so many characters with similar names is not for me, sorry.

Paulo Coelho came to rescue. As always enjoyed his magical sentences in 'Veronika Decides to Die'. It is a must read. Do you remember a post that I posted sometime ago about changing, faking and pretending? Now I wont fake, I will only pretend. Though some events narrated in the book don't gel with my mindset and they dont have to because the message conveyed is so powerful. This is my type of book.. magically mad as me. Paulo's every book is the best in its own unique way. Again no what I learned reviews else it will kill the reading.

Edhi will be next. After the exams that is!


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