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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When u miss something, u r away from it then u understand its actual importance, its actual love from a view far away from sight still near to heart.

I wanted to post about my reading experience of THE ZAHIR by Paulo Coelho for quite some time but now I finally get a chance to do so. This book is a gem. Paulo has written it so beautifully and above all so intelligently that it is a treat, especially for his fans. Sometimes you feel like he is blowing his own trumphet but with flipping of pages and more pages you will see that it is not like this. You will desire read more of it and also of him. Do you people remember that some point in your life when you were asked to write an essay about books, you might have written something like Book is your best friends, when you are alone it talks with you. The best book is one that which can be read many times and every time it says something different something unique. This book is all like that. For me best books have sentences which are lyrical, intelligent and layered.

Happy Reading!!

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