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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bump N' Go and I had a fun show

I went to our old house yesterday.. one week old. It was nostalgic. All the memories attached with it didn't come to surface then but yes tears surely rolled down the cheeks. Okay so my nieces were here from America today so we took them to Sindbad Amusement Park and it was so fun but now whole of my body is aching because those rides gives you bumps which are far worse than our local bus rides. One ride 'Alien' was horrible. It was like I am in the movie Independence Day. It gave me such a thrill or say tension because it was moving fiercely, I didn't have any grip over the seat and it was throwing me at one side with fierce wind.. it is something I can't even explain. I was shouting BAND KARO BAND KARO(stop it! stop it!).. for soon-to-be one day left to be 20 year old i.e. yours truly, it was very embarrassing. Thanks God my mom didn't see me like this or else she would have fainted or else screamed. Afterall mothers are the sweetest things on the face of earth. Above all God is the one who takes care of you. Then we had a dinner.. ate fried prawns, sorry Heewa but it smells bad and tastes kinda okay or even a little awd.

And did I tell you that I finished Zahir somedays earlier. It was an interesing and unusual read. Will post about it later :)

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