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Friday, July 28, 2006

It happened a while ago

I completed Paulo Coelho's book "By River Piedra I sat down and wept". I bought it from a book fair, the minute I saw the title I knew that I wanted this book and it will be perfect for my test and in the end it turned to be such a pleasurable read that I can't even explain it to you. Some books are magical without any obvious reason.. maybe it is the words or the idea that makes that experience so great. I recommend this book to all. Currently reading "The Zahir" again by Coelho(very interesting) and the Biography of Edhi(God knows when will I end this?!, it is so fatly moti taazi and somewhat dry. Btw is fatly really a word?).

Karachi had its share of short drizzles, now me wants rain. "Rain Rain Rain go away, please come another day." Sometimes I wonder which chariye ka bacha or which specie of idiots has written this poem.

Okay so when relatives come from abroad they bring you things. Some people gives you loads, most of those things are of low quality, totally useless and goes straight into dustbin. Some people bring only one gift but an expensive or atleast such that we can use it. But this cousin of mine has brought so many expensive colognes, nuts and shirts that I am totally impressed.. great stuff for mom too. Afterall who doesn't like pricey things but again we shouldn't be that materialistic. If she had brought only one of those I would still have been happy ;) It is only about the way we see things haina?!

There is so much that I can write but I guess it enough for today.

Take Care

PS: If you don't understand those urdu words then don't worry and think that they don't mean anything :p

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