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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First Law Class

I know I don't have time but I have to write this.. I have to!!

After attending the first class of my law course I have to write this. Our teacher is short but his built is like a commando. His voice can be a good asset for any radio station. According to me, he has a great sense of humor which classifies him as a sarcastic individual. The only bad thing about him is that he don't answer questions which are impractical w.r.t. the current world about which most of the class gentry doesn't have any clue and so all of his rude and sarcastic comments have to follow the question. His favorite word is PAAGAL(meaning insane) and my favorite quote of his is:

TU KAUN? MAIN KHAAMAKHA!! .. can anyone help me with its translation :p

(he said this when a girl asked him a question in which an agent makes a deal with a third party without knowing that his principal wants him to do it or not)

Evening classes are fun.. they are light and the enviornment in public buses are also light(despite of being conjested) with dim lights.. so much light around and so is the darkness.

Btw Survivor Pakistan sucks big time!!

Last but not the least, I saw a car today which had SECRETS OF SUCCESS written on its back glass. They were something like this Corruption, Abusive Language, Mockery, Bribes, Stealing, Lies, Adultery, Jealousy etc. This person sketched the state of our society with such creativity and pointed out the evils so easily that I was impressed. I wished I had a camera with me.

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