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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is it depression? - Enough is Enough

I am shattered. My self-confidence has decreased manifolds in these years. I am not happy about who I am. I don't see the world as it really is or maybe I am seeing too much. I care too much. And all this really hurts. It is not that I am complaining because all this have happened because of me. The uncertainity, fears and the guilt above all the assumptions I mount on them kills me more. I am living in a fake world and I am wearing the fake mask which becomes black and more black as the time passes. Reasons can be uncountable but now this has to stop.. this has to go. It has been bloody 4 years in this menace and I can't live like this anymore else I will be no more. God is with me then why I am afraid of myself and the society.. now I don't want waste a second. Its not about moving on but its about the change. This will be tougher than the journey that I am writing about but the destination will be worth-living. Action starts today. I need everyone's prayers. God help me.

I am also not happy with my blog's template. If anyone can suggest a good template which goes with my mindset and this blog's personality+title then it would be great. The last date for suggesting the template is 2nd July 2006.

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