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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am back hamesha ke liye wala

Oh my God I passed the paper for which I only studied 2 days max with breaks that were infinitely long and seriousness which was 0%. I won't tell you the score as I have passed the exam and that matters the most :P

I know it has been days when I wrote my last post packed with all the enthusiasm and now when I have arrived again I have so much to write that I am unable to figure what to write first AND what not to write.

Filhal toh dil chah raha hai ke es baarish ke pani main doob maroon, baarish nahi toh bhoondhabandi hi sahi lekin ho toh.. shukar hai atleast mausam tobh acha hai :)

..and all the anti-annie people please stand up!

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