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Monday, July 31, 2006

Jogging of the mind

Last 100 or less pages of 'The Zahir' are left. It is an interesting read but somewhat annoying too. Paulo Coelho's discusses philosophy in his book in a very modest simple kinda way but this one has so many layers to it that I think that I have to re-read the whole novel again once I complete it. It is also good in a way because this way books don't end up in trash because you can learn something new everytime you put your hands on it but do I have time for that?! Thats a seperate question altogether.

Rains are so fun. Even the zodiac signs of Fire like Leos can't resist the water. This reminds me that there are 13 days left for my birthday :) From couple of years, every birthday brings something new in my life as if its a complete new beginning for me.

There always comes a phase in a person's life when problem arrive in a person life. He tries hard to solve it, atleast plans for it. As soon as things come closer to the solution and hopes are high, that timeframe, that moment takes a 180 degree turn which means what you expected didn't happen or if the problem did get solve another problem arose and then you feel OMG not again. This is nature's game. God never wants his most beloved creatures to sufffer. HE surely does solve the problems but it never comes easy. It is a tough path, a learning journey, a series of events which make you realize where you were wrong or where you can improve and be better for good until that good wants to advance into something excellent but that excellent phase doesn't necessarily bring the same ordeal again because you have already learned it not a hard but in a wise way so then its only about hard work and God's blessings in a different way. HIS guidance is always there, all you have to do is to ask him for it and if you don't even ask him about it, HE will still grant you that if it's good for you but its always good to remember God and its not even enough if we show him our love in any way how big it may seem because HIS love far greater than ours and we can't even imagine but we surely can feel it. God isn't ONLY there for granting your wishes (as we all want it to be that way), HE is there to listen to you and choose whatever is best for you :)

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