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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scary enough!

I can be so bitchy if you want me to! I can even cross all the boundaries, so much that the other person can get completely pissed off and sometimes completely ashamed. I don't do it without a reason.

*Happy Halloween*

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Do you like bats?
Do you like to dress up in tights and a cape?
Do you like candy?
Are you older than the nearby museum?
Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

you are count dracula - 29%
you are a witch - 62%
you are batman - 10%
you are superman - 38%
you are a vampire - 4%
you're dressed up as your favorite sci-fi character -73%

This Fun Quiz created by Lindsey at BlogQuiz.Net
Me=Jadoo.. bwahahahaa

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