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Monday, October 17, 2005

H.anding O.ver P.ositive E.nergy

Hope -

I have started this new blog which is dedicated to the victims of 8th October's Massive Earthquake in Pakistan. The loss is big & tears would never fade away. This blog is a modest effort to transfer some hope and positivity. Disaster is big but the lessons that can be learnt are far much bigger because EVERY NEGATIVE HAS A POSITIVE!!
So be ready for a new learning every day.

I also your- yes you read it rite, your support. You too can contribute your articles, stories, messages, observations and inspirations at this blog. The information regarding contributions is listed on the sidebar.

Click to find the information about banners to link us back!! Spread the word. Feature it on your blogs, nicks and emails so everybody can take benefit from it.

Raheel Lakhani

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