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Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005, here it comes

while its 12:00 AM n here comes a new year... i m sittin infront of my idiot box and writin this post. sounds really exciting duh!!! was supposed to goto indulge n have a cup of coffee and enjoy the chilly nite but all went wrong as always and whole plan messed up.

after turning into a deaf person with all the noise of fireworks one after another, i need some silence where i can feel the real joy of new year; where i can realize the fact dat I and my family are lucky enuff to see this year too. past year was great... had my share of happy, sad and disturbing moments but thats wat life is. I also had to leave akhss but the friendship with my akhss mates(betta to say my best frnds) is still growin stronger. In 2005, there will be new opportunities and experiences and ofcourse there will be more study hours too. there is no holiday tomorrow and my college is also open(coz administration is really kanjoos in givin offs) and i have to do alot of work too...."i want one more day to relax" sigh! i dunt think its possible so folks enjoy the happiness, take good care of urself, pray for urself and others while i continue with my work. adios samigos.

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