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Friday, February 18, 2005

can i borrow ur cap

I had an extremely bad hair day today, i can't even explain what happened to my hair. I follow a side-parted hairdo but today it was something like fusion of my orginal style with some spikes springing up from nowhere. Inshort it was a complete mess. I was helpless, none had the power to make them sraight. Even these strong winds proved themselves to be a failure. My dear God, why you did this to me? I was so embarassed. I felt like tearing up the floor and diving inside it, everytime somebody said "Raheel, tumhare baal uper ajeeb se kharey hogaye hain" :s

i will drink some pepsi and coffee, will eat my dinner then some chips, biscuit and chocolate, u know why... bcoz its very very very very and more veri cold tonite. presently, i m trapped inside a sweater.

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