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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

my head under a pillow

Teaching becomes tough when u r trying to proceed with the topic but one student deliberately asks destructive questions one after another. He has such bloody influence that the whole bunch of boys tries to irritate you and with this parcel, there is a gal in the backbench laughing in your every single class. The only way to calm this whole thing up is either by painting urself in their color and satisfy them in their way or you can just go on insulting them. I prefer the first one. Ahan I am excelling the art of controlling these brats.

After handling such not nerd like students, my mind was completely freezed up. I came home, also brought a headache and switched my idiot box ON. What I see is the movie that has the most special place in my heart so i watched it once again. I don't know why my eyes get filled with tears everytime i see Michelle and her story. By now, you should have guessed its name, yeah I m talking about BLACK. A heart-wrenching story of a blind-deaf gal who has her own ambitions - to fulfill the dream of her teacher. Her relationship with her teacher and how she wants to bring light in her and her teacher's life. Of course Black has its own power, its the color of achievement, knowledge and graduation robe. A strong screenplay, brilliant performances which look more real than authentic, aesthetically sound frames and extra ordinary background sound score makes this movie must to watch. Every frame proves that 'God lies in details'. This film is made to touch the hearts of the audience in the most astonishing way thats why i came, i saw and i cried watching BLACK. Hands off to the whole crew, especially director 'Sanjay Leela Bhansali'. Rani and Amitabh are at their best but the child who has portrayed the childhood of Rani is just out of the world. Her expression are so real, she is the hero of the film. She will surely be the most sought-after actress in future. There is so much to learn from this movie.

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