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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Praying has a divine power.. seriously, it makes u pure and free. You feel that God was, is and will always be with you in all the three tenses. When u remember him, HE takes all of your burdens, tensions and insecurities from ya. You can feel HIS hand giving blessings upon you. HE is the greatest.

Its now clearance time in a few days or a week - life or death situation, tension and blood pressures are getting high, i am feeling really afraid. May be because first, results are not transparent and secondly, previous sections had some unexpectable experiences in it. My friend umer got through i m so happy for him and this makes more chances for me to pass as we do the same hard work and have mashallah se same sort of IQ, have answered in a similar way too. I need plenty of your sincere prayers. I hope i get through this but God forbid if i didn't then the question is wat will happen to me?

guess so plz remember me in your prayers. God always listen.

quote: "Who said you can't colour outside the lines?"

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