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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Aditi Paul roxz

shrugs* fortunately or unfortunately, i missed the vote out episode of indian idol yesterday , unfortunately coz i like the show very much and fortunately coz my indian idol ADITI PAUL was voted out of the show and i can't see her leaving the show.. silly ppl voted her off, she was the real indian idol. This show is so shocking that after so many shocks, i think i have to admit in a hospital. I missed her farewell song sigh! I know hearts sighed and some must have stopped as they saw Aditi sing her farewell song last night. Her performance on the last show was the best and that was her fault and because of it india voted her out. duh! Indian Idol will lose its rating after Aditi has left. The show will not be the same ofcourse in negative way.

"When soft voices die, they vibrate in the memory" yeh Aditi said it and i agree. I liked her persona, her voice, her bubbly and sweet nature, her child in me wala attitude.. to make it short I loved Aditi as a performer, singer and human. Aditi is the best, she roxz. Best of luck dear, u will go far!

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