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Friday, January 21, 2005

BAKRAs RIP but i can't

bakras and their english i mean bhaaa bha... ufff, finally eid has come with all those dirty, filty mess on the streets. The stinky bakras, their blood and me -walking- on the road wat a combination for a perfect vomit but it didn't happen. The ones who have been or will be slaughtered in these three days, MAY THEIR SOULS RIP. Its already extremely hard to walk on the streets of mera apna karachi and these bloody water has made it next to impossible, dont forget that i was wearing a Kurta Shalwar.. datz also too hard to carry in such . Eid has never been a very special day for me b'coz most of my relatives live abroad but this year its really disgusting as in these few(only 3) holidays, i just have to study, study and do alot of more study as my exams are starting on 4th day of eid duhhh! Looking forward to 2nd day of eid as there is a mela, organized by US and will be enjoyable moment for all of us from 2:00pm to 11:00 pm, cool naa.


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