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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

freakin thoughts

Today i m not in a mood to write a big post but u-noe i cant resist. pointers will satisfy my need.

1. I watched -a not usual conservative- an Islamic Program on tv by Najam Shiraz in which they visited a special children's school. Special children are really SPECIAL. They are a great source of inspiration for us as they are always thankful to God even-though they have suffered alot and on the other side of the coin we are surviving like lousy slobs that only have heavy sacks having trash of complains for Gods. We are not at all thankful for his blessings. When i see the hardwork, concentration, enthusiasm, devotion et cetera of this children; it just amazes me to such an extent that feel proud of them and consider myself mere human and sometimes feel ashamed because i m not utilizing my capabilities to the fullest.

What we fail to understand is that they don't need our sympathy; help if possible is a great aid. We need to imbibe that these men and women lead as much a complete life as you and me. They laugh, love, flirt all of that and more. They are not children of a lesser god."- Sanjay Leela Bhansali

2. I am now fully surrounded by numbers. I am feeling like a magnet where all the numbers are forcely attracted. I feel them like anacondas attacking me after each second making me vulnerable and intoxicated. Now i have developed an Arithmophobia(fear of numbers). This is wat CA is all about. Duh! God help me.

3. Be modest but don't be over-modest. Bottom line - "excess of everything is bad."

4. Why is dere so much prejudicism in society? Why a person is not liberate enuff to do wat he wants to do? Why people wear masks, fake out .... and make faces towards him? Think about it!

i think i m still missing out something but no regrets

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