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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


today was a holiday.... i always wait anxiously for it to come... i studied more today for a change.
at night watched tv, throughly enjoyed it... i miss those MEIN KIA SUNGU wali serne ads which do not come nowadays. i hated it completely but i always get a guilty pleasure by watching it as i can imitate dat lady with a paindoo accent. uspe TOH AISE BOLO NAA wali ad LOL.
i also realized something today; scoldings, empathy and tolerance can do well and nobody has no right to harm anyone physically. i did it once so i m sorry for dat. no sorries for u but to my inner self. everyone wants love and this should be our inspiration. we should spread love not fears in the society and specially children. u have whole right to express your anger but do not cross your limits by harming others physically and mentally coz these scars are hard to deal with; there is no easy plastic surgery for it.

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