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Sunday, January 02, 2005

mommy, i m so happieee

After such hard work for research and then comparitively less for presentation... success came my way. I m more than happy, we won the competition.. not exactly but came 3rd which is definitely not bad... quite an achievement. Yaehoo!! i m throwing party for me and only ME @t INDULGE sometyme soon. Btw i am damn tired coz program was extremely boring but sleep will surely compensate the cruelling effect of it. Just wanna say, when ur gud work gets recognized by others, the feeling which arises, is more than gr8 and all those congratz by everyone flattered me much. Life doesnt end here, CA is next m. imp thing on my list... a really tough one but i hope i can also pass it by flying colors... btw blue is my fav color but i wore an orange shirt at my presentation, everyone said it looked good on me :)

next meeting: tomorrow... me, myself and u

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