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Saturday, January 01, 2005

1st day of shen tan

it was a perfect start with a rough chilly winter morning... me wrapped up in sweater and my bare face inviting the cold breeze to hit as hard as it can. natural air conditioner works the best for sure. another gud thing was i saw a new mood of karachi today; best described as silent and dull... ohh the only thing i can hear were winds dats it. also got second highest in eco financial, i consider it to be a gr8 achievement =p.
But the whole day was not as perfect as it shud have been on the first day of new year(shen tan) bcoz i wasted alot of tyme at college... had messed all the work and sequence of my presentation for a competition scheduled for tomorrow. Now God can only help me and my frnd... He has already come to our rescue by giving me an idea or more like a satisfaction dat i needed immensely.
I hope we will able meet expectation of alot people and most importantly of ourselves. Gudbye Jan 01, 2005... i wanna sleep... i m damn tired ahhhh! nothing betta than fan at the highest speed and me under a blanket laid lazy like ...... LAZY!

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