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Thursday, January 13, 2005

fruits always grow on branches

di•ver•sity / noun
range of many people or things that are very different from each other - OALD

"There were never in the world two opinions alike, any more than two hairs or two grains. Their most universal quality is diversity" - hmmm quite acceptable. Every thing has its own identity and a unique taste hence diversity exists everywhere. If you invest your capital in different businesses, your risk will be minimized therefore can be lucrative also. Same is the case with cultures, every culture has different origin, history and experiences. When we live in or visit a diversified nation, we get a great chance to know about many people under the same roof having diverse cultures and values, and can benefit from it by incorporating their useful elements in our lives. Have you ever thought if only one genre of music existed, wouldn't it be so boring? Its the virtue of diversity that if you get bored with one genre; you can try your ears on others. The diversity in art and architecture- oh such a great treat; Karachi also contains a lot of diversity in its architecture - go n see saddar and kharadar.

Pakistan and specifically mera karachi has always been like this because many people have come and settled here having origins 0f South-east Asia and elsewhere. Diversity in elements of life bring diversity in experiences. When you meet a punjabi, you can feel the loudness. When you spend some moments with a memon or a gujrati like me(we are the worst speakers of urdu, it is our trademark LOL); u cannot hold yourself from laughing like hell. When you meet a bengali, you can feel the kindness and modesty of them. The interesting part is that every individual has his own taste, culture, tradition, origin, values, beliefs, perception and anything and everything. We can get so much experience, knowledge and guidance from meeting different people, by seeing different aspects of something or by trying our hands on different forms of a thing. Diversity has some place for everyone, there is a private room for every1 in Diversity to accomodate himself. Diversity has always been there but unfortunately we dont know how to use it plus we have never thought how many benefits it can provide us. It is the fundamental thing to realize that it can bring alot of vibe, success and security in our lives.

- i have written this blog the second tyme because everything in karachi is unpredictable; same happened with me as electricity betrayed and u can easily sense wat happened to my pc - it turned off. Btw its good as it has also given some diversity to my this blog too coz earlier it was little different.

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