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Friday, January 14, 2005

3 minutes n 29 seconds with real me

me: hey wat r doing here at blogger?
real me: sharpening my blur lined thoughts

me: but...?
real me: yeh i noe, it may not look like an alien thing for me

me: when did u figure out that u can put down your thoughts at a website page?
real me: appreciation motivates me even more than it flatters me.

me: ohh nice... so y do u write?
real me: there is always a purpose behind everything. i write to improve my expression but unconciously there is a keen desire in me to be read and understood by others. it helps me understand my self too.

me: understand urself.. hmmm but how?
real me: hey man, you ask too many questions.. i just write wat i feel writing; its has become my addiction. whenever i think about or remember any dear moment, i just wanna enjoy it with myself and share it with all others. its so exciting

me: addiction ahan.....
real me: yeh i m creative as most of the leos... you noe its in my blood and also in some of my friends' - your company too influence.

me: wat were you thinking yesterday morning while traveling in a rickshaw?
real me: its always hard to wake up at 6am in morning bcoz of the fact that u had slept at 2am in the same morning. i was feeling sleepy yaar... but suddenly sleep reminded me of sleep-overs. it was great childhood fun. Sleep-overs where sleep was little and gossip was huge. all those aunties and cousins doin all that gossip, i am partly listening to them, playing ludo and watching movie at the same time.

me: childhood was fun naa.
real me: yeh the innocence, the carefree attitude, adorable chocolates, hide-n-seek, birthday parties and crazy dancing.. i miss all dat

me: 10 days left for dooms day... my CA send-up exams are near :x. i've to go n study
real me: i dont feel like studying... i wanna give one more dodge to myself but there is no time left for it. tsk! i have to study anyways coz its indispensable.

me: goodluck for your exams
real me: i need it badly man, thanks... okay c ya laters

me: no more talkin!
real me: returns to the state of oblivion

listening to: Rabba-techno(Musafir)... simply adorable

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