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Friday, January 21, 2005

the real sacrifice

have WE Muslims have ever understood the real meaning of sacrifice? is it only limited to Cows, Goats and Camels? The freaking problem is that we never realize that Islam is a religion of nature so it has alot of symbols and examples to make us understand its real meaning or - betta to say - Essence. The real sacrifice is of your wants and your time by devoting them for Allah and Islam. Your conscience should be conscious of the fact that why you are here... and wat was the purpose of the whole sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim. We should be more open towards the religion and should follow the mysterious web of traditions while using some intellect too. So please dunt consume urself only by filling ur stomachs with all that meat and plz share it with those others too who really need it. Sacrifice is also a life-long process so follow it whole year(please its not the bakra wali qurbani). May every Eid bring a lot of wisdom in our lives. Thats wat, i want to pray for. Again Eid Mubarak!

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