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Friday, January 28, 2005


when u fall in front of everybody on the damn dirty, filthy and under-construction - like always and will be like this - roads of mera karachi, and then ppl laugh at u from behind, this is really very very very and more very embarrasing and then it becomes worse when they dont wanna listen to u as they are still giggling which makes it frustrating too. During this moment a true friend says "aise mein haste nahi hai n' laga toh nahi" (eng trans: u ppl shudn't laugh at this, did u hurt urself?)... its really amazing!! it cant take your embarrasment away from ya but certainly can soothe its effect. life is full of such silly and embarrasing moments but yaar dat makes life so fun, but still the question is... is it right?

- i m just so desparate to right something about the intense effect of videos, films and writings - and wat should be their feel? i wanna right a blog about it but i doubt i will write a one pager(may be more than dat) article on it. coz when i write.. i write, write and write n' then make it crisp! with some chopping and eating ;)

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