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Saturday, February 05, 2005

vanity to the extreme

at this moment of time, i am completely freaked out.. want some distraction, so wanna write some more but wat shud i write?. Intellectual Vanity, i wanted to write about it from quite some time. A concept which is very blur in minds of the most.

Intellectual Vanity, a noun phrase from which we usually take meaning of one being proud of his/her intelligence but its about something even more than pride. it illustrates the concept which has convincing depth. INTELLECTUAL VANITY is about search instead of re-search. With the term search, creator is associated but sorry to say we tend to do things in wrong direction by searching for things. God has already created everything for us, now its upon us to research or rediscover it. We should not forget about the difference between creator and creature. it may look like something conservative but believe me its not. Its about using your intellect according to modern ways and needs but by keeping the difference in mind. You can color outside the lines but not at the cost of your values. Science is doing the same, it is rediscovering God's universe but to state cloning or any other thing as PRODUCT MADE BY HUMANS ON EARTH is a big moral and intellectual blunder.

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