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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Agony Part II

Class is at the top floor... oh no! Staircase problem yet again(if you don't know about it read the previous post).. uff I guess its not only me who has the issue, more than half of the students in the campus are suffering. And duh!!! Split is not working, its so hot pretty days and you are telling us that Split ain't working, we sweating in the heat, not a good idea. There is a student in our class who has hearing and speaking disabiltiy and the rest of the boys make fun of him. So bad, cruel cold human beings and that guy is so nice, he always smiles back, that smile surely has a deep ache under its layers. I hope one day those stupid guys realize this and learn something from him. Our class has some really nice people too, Thank God, not TSA Molvi type double-standard people. No more staircase agony posts as there is no solution to this problem and I know I will have to walk across this kindling almost every day without complaining so no more such posts.

Btw I am aslo teaching couple of kids too in an honarary institution and one dhamki... yeh only one dhamki made that naughty child into well-behaving parhne likhne wala student. I am so happy!

But I am sad too, I am suffering from this void feeling for about 6 months. My teachers always said you won't forget these days and they were damn right! I am missing those nice enjoyable days and the bestest of friends that I have ever had. I am trying to get some professional qualification; I am missing university life, a nice schedule, some of my dreams and my bestest friends. I hope we make a nice khane wala(dine-out) program but our plans never work.

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