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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Banana Twins at Bus Stop

Today was a nice day. New classes, new subjects, new teachers but no new friends. Hope will make some soon. I travelled by public transport after such a long time and duh!! I just hate it. Especially those W-21 and W-22 buses are really pathetic, ajeeb sa smelling crowd, tobbaco, pushto songs, ninjas(i hope you got it or else go and wear a shuttle cock wala burqa and see yourself in a mirror... ahaa Neeeennnja) and all other absurd things.. you name it and you will get it there. In Pakistan, every person should be a stunt man in order to travel in these *galees* buses or else you all know that 'Practice makes a person perfect' :lol: Pakistan desperately needs a quick transportation reform.

Then after having my lovely lunch made by my lovely mom, I peeled off a banana and what I see two bananas attached together in one skin and my mom exclaimed: "The Banana Twins!" and a laugh followed. Here is the picture for you but *sigh* they resting in my stomach =P

Image hosted by isn't they look cute...awww!

Hope is still there.

tata, bye! do take good care of yourself.

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