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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Happy Teacher's Day - thanks for bringing some light in my life

Genuine teachers are undoubtedly a blessing. Teaching is a skill that can't be learned by every-any person. You will find thousands of aged professors with their unbeatable bossy look having experiences of giving long lectures based on their so-much-purani knowledge but to find a good teacher is very difficult, a teacher who is more like a friend to you then a strict master, who guides you throughout the educational phase of your life, who influences your life in positive way, who motivates you so you can be your best, who is always there for you whenever you want them. On this World Teacher's Day 03-May-2005, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an important angel in my life. Congratulation Dear Teacher, you have accomplished your mission of creating a difference in life of this trivial student. Thanking You for making me the person who I am today. I can't repay the acts of your kindness but can atleast try to share this magical relationship with my students. I know none of them have my blog address but I know God will somehow carry my message to their hearts. God bless my teachers and May all their nice wishes come true.(Amen)

Dedicated to: Ms. Yasmeen, Late Ms. Sherbanoo , Ms. Raheela Fatima, Ms. Ruqaiya Javaid, Ms. Saulat Majid, Ms. Saima Shehzad, Ms. Roshan, Ms. Anny Feroz, Ms. Salima Hussaini, Ms. Shaheen, Mr. Qalander Khan, Mr. Atif, Mr. Rizwan Bhimani, Mr. Abbas Hussain, Mr. Irfan Jessani... I hope I am not missing any important names.

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