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Monday, May 02, 2005

Introspective Job

Say it a hobby, a habit or simly madness; I just love talking to my own darling self. I have been practicing it since my childhood and everytime it has been lucrative. Yes, a vacuum in my life where there is only me and my inner voice. Voice that is silent, silently roaming in my mind which just needs some nourishing quality time out of my fast-forwarding life. Time, when no one is allowed to interrupt and if one dares to, I can't listen to them. I just can't shift my focus from it. It has such hypnotizing powers that you just don't want to escape from it, You bet! It checks my conscience every now and then, It teaches me to grow, It helps me to understand myself, It understands my feelings, dilemmas and problems, It is a reflection of my aims and preferences, It gives me motivation and ideas to jump to the higher level. When no one is there to listen, he lends his invisible hear to me and I borrow his kindness. Sometimes, I get amused by it's healing powers. I love being alone for some time and do my introspective homework.

Hiee inner voice, hey Raheel... long time no chat!!! lets have one right away!

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