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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Random Loveliness

"Don't divide your love among humans, just multiply it"
-Words of Wisdom by 'Raheel Lakhani'

Today, RJ Dino and his show 'Dost, scene on hai!' on radioactive fm96 had a topic "Aik cola drink ad mein Shaan Ali Zafar ke on the beach peeche kyun bhaag raha tha? kiya Ali ne Shaan ki biwi churali thi" and one listener commented 'Kyunke Ali ne uski chaddi churali thi' and more absurd crap followed which I don't feel like featuring 'em here. Some thought b'coz they are completely doobo-fied in Love. awww!! so mean! Do u have any comments?

Quote of the day:"Pakistan is just a baebbeee(baby)" - Reema comparing Lollywood to Bollywood

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