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Monday, April 18, 2005

my net neva works... it is a delayed post

The gossipers... yeh that what I call 'em. It is a group of aunties(doesn't this word sound funny) of our locality who just discuss all the crap about others. This came to my knowledge by a friend and I have experienced a bit of their session too. I was walking by the road and I heard this:

Aunty S buying fruit and calling Aunty * simultaneously: "Idhar aao naa!"
But Aunty * replied: "Nahi mein nahi baat karahi, tumne mere se baat chupayi"
Aunty S: "Konsi baat?"
Aunty *: "Ek baat hai!"
Aunty S: "Konsi?? jo maine tumhari mummy(mother-in-law) ko batayi"
Aunty *: "Nahi woh nahi, koi aur"

I was neither interested in this shit nor I wanted to be an even small part - as an active listener - of this unhealthy activity. I opened the door of my sweet home, put my right leg in and I was inside my comfort zone and then there was no looking back. I hate gossips, its of no use, how can a person judge others and then spread the nonsense around. Confession are easy to make, heres one, I was part of it long time ago in my school days but Believe me, its aint good... no benifits at all.


and Pakistan won the ODI Series. Yaay!! Congratz!

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