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Friday, April 08, 2005

served with chilled banana milkshake

some strange (and equally funny) news from blog of IndiaUncut :

An 81-year-old fellow with 92 wives dies, his lifetime ambition of marrying 100 women unfulfilled. Mid Day reports: "Dakshinray had no knowledge of the whereabouts of most of his wives. However, his 5th and 72nd wives used to live with him."

IANS has a story about an 11-year-old boy in Bihar who lives with dogs, some of whom die when he bites them. The report quotes his mother as saying that "[h]e had even been fed milk by a b*tch as a child."

This is my request - Please don't take this seriously because you can witness from what is said that journalists and editors have lost their nuts and bolts are also not in place with not so perfect shape.

PS: if anyone is thinking "Where the hell is banana milkshake?".. then the answer from my side is "resting in my big belly, gotcha!!"

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