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Monday, April 04, 2005


Pollution, it was my favorite topic for essay writing, speech and art in my childhood days because I mostly scored maximum marks after reflecting my thoughts on it. Today my hatred towards pollution increased to the next level. Scorching heat, sun burns, dry throat, noises coming from every single corner, wrecked roads, lead toxicities by smoke, garbage, long-waiting-thingy and what not! today was the perfect worst day. Sun was really angry with us today and made me dizzy, angry, sleepy and frustrated and all this was about short yelling sessions of Ganda-Bacha(yea thats me) with my mom and she tolerated it like anything. Love of every mom is really speechless and not-to-forget unconditional. I always try to be nice with my parents and try not-make-them-HURT but sometimes I can't help it yaar. Tensions and frustations makes me insane, after all I am a human yaar! Before you ask me something like “are you really a human?” {comma} My lord my answer is "ofcourse I am!"

Thanks to God - yan yan and donuts came to my rescue, calmed me down. Sleep and relaxation was the *IT* thing I desperately wanted and it was really nice thing to have, because I don't have to listen to the rona-dhona of saas-bahu wala dramas which is annoying background score of not only my home but most of the helpless poor people are suffering from it. We indeed want a real sanity check!

Say YES to Healthy Living and Say BIG NO to Pollution, Save Environment!

PS: Rs. 25 Crore are invested for setting up a recycling plant for waste and garbage. Pakistan needs such three more plants to cope of with the needs of reclycling.

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